In-House Banking white paper

In-House Bank at the core of proactive cash management

Do you need to ensure both visibility and a firm grip on your company-wide cash flows and working capital? In today’s fast-moving global business environment, excelling in cash and working capital management might even decide the future success of your company.

In this in-house banking whitepaper we will cover:

  • The headaches of multinational cash management
  • Things to consider when establishing an in-house bank
  • 5 steps to centralized cash and finance processes with in-house banking
  • On-behalf-of functionalities POBO and COBO
  • 5 key benefits of in-house banking

An in-house bank gives the group treasury the widest set of tools for managing working capital efficiently, increasing visibility and control of the cash flow processes, and strengthening payment security and risk management.

After reading this in-house banking whitepaper, you will be well equipped to continue your journey toward deeper centralization of cash management processes.

“The difference between a company that is at the median level – in terms of cash and working capital management – and a top performer can be surprisingly large. This difference may even decide the future success of the companies.”