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Changemakers Leading

Changemakers do not have to be leaders but they often are. Changemakers, as we have interviewed them, often talk about their department’s connection to customer satisfaction or their role as leaders supporting the careers of their team or just providing better processes. This new breed of procurement leader shows a blend of empathy and classic management by numbers. These characteristics are what we want to examine closer in the interview. 

Join us each month as we explore the key motivations and the driving goals of modern, procurement changemakers. We will discuss the solutions they use, their choices in selection, their methods for cost reduction and their ambitions for the future.


Miia Lönnqvist

"Managing complexity may not be easy but it’s essential to be successful in procurement." Miia has worked within procurement for almost 2 decades in senior roles for large organizations and as a consultant, specializing in procurement transformation.


Jesper Ritsmer Stormholt

Jesper joined OpusCapita in 2016 from the international search engine giant Google, where he most recently was in charge of B2B-sales in the Nordics. Jesper is passionate about helping customers and prospects understand the power of becoming a digital business.

Chief Procurement Officer, Sato

Yaron Nadbornik

Yaron is an experienced procurement leader having successfully designed and implemented large sourcing strategies ramp up and transformation projects. Very familiar with end-to-end spend analysis, he understands why categorizing third-party vendor spend is important in identifying opportunities and achieving sustainable and holistic procurement transformation. In his current role, Yaron is often a problem solver required to visualize the entire supply chain while quickly identifying the potential or actual high impact failure points. He is continuously developing and implementing sourcing strategies to help improve the service driven processes overall while ensuring continuous and sustainable cost reductions through vendors network development and cost framework revamping.