In this joint webinar with Microsoft Finland we will introduce you to the key issues surrounding the ‘gap’ between winners and losers of digital transformation. We will hear how analysts see the issue and we will offer our own take on what we believe are key considerations.

We will place the conversation loosely into the context of source-to-pay, including procurement, finance and treasury functional transformation. We will also take a stand on the value of an effective back office as a key value driver for any project and one you ignore at your peril.

You should attend if:
Are you a CFO/CPO/CIO and passionate about digital transformation? Is your organization about to kick-off a digitalization program? We want to help you understand the key success criteria AND avoid the typical pitfalls which could slow or derail your project.


Duration: 50 minutes




Andreas Korczak Microsoft
Andreas Korczak
Chief Operations and Marketing Officer, Microsoft Finland

Andreas is leading strategy and digital transformation work and shaping how to set and execute a complex change agenda successfully. He evangelizes how new technologies find their paths to customer solutions in the market and how mobility and data intelligence enhance our daily work and life. Andreas is passionate about developing high performing, diverse teams with growth mindset, capable to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Rowan Lemley
Rowan Lemley
Head of Product Marketing, OpusCapita

Rowan has more than 10 years of experience in the purchase-to-pay arena. During this time, he has managed the go-to-market for a diverse set of portfolios including Accounts Payable Automation, B2B Networks, Financing Services, eProcurement and Product Information Management.