Can you imagine 100% e-transition within 6 months?

Transitioning to 100% e-invoicing can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. What does it take to get there?

In today’s digital world executives understand that you need a digital strategy to have a competitive business. So why are many of our business processes stuck in the paper age?

We all know the benefits of fully transitioning to electronic invoicing such as lowering costs, reducing errors and reducing your carbon footprint. So why isn’t everyone already doing it? Simple, it’s hard. That’s why in this webinar we want to show you how to create a simple roadmap and make the process easier so that you can fully reap these benefits.

In this webinar, we will cover things such as:

  • The most critical tasks in creating an e-transition program
  • How to automate supplier onboarding
  • How to segment suppliers
  • Which communication channels are most effective
  • Using Peppol as a facilitator for the process

Who should attend:

This webinar is for Finance and IT professionals who are searching for ways to automate their invoicing processes.



Duration: 59 minutes




Mikael Schedin
Mikael Schedin
Product Manager, Supplier Onboarding

Mikael has a long experience in transforming source to pay processes in companies to ensure they are ready for the digital age. At OpusCapita, he is responsible for our supplier onboarding services where OpusCapita drives our customers transition to E-invoices.

Heikki Pulli
Heikki Pulli
Head of B2B Integration

Heikki has fifteen years of experience in customer-focused business development, particularly electronic supply chain management, electronic invoicing, and integration and data management solutions. At OpusCapita, he is responsible for B2B integration solutions globally and for promoting digital business networks among customers and stakeholders.

Adam Tamburello
Adam Tamburello
Product Marketing Manager, OpusCapita

Adam has over 10 years of international business development experience in the financial services industry and is currently Product Marketing Manager for Cash Management and Business Network