PEPPOL Network for e-Invoicing

Can you imagine every country rowing in the same direction?

With over 60 million electronic business documents exchanged between 400 000 senders and 100 000 receivers last year, PEPPOL network for cross-border e-invoicing and e-procurement is growing rapidly. Why does PEPPOL matter to your organization and what steps do you need to take today to be compliant tomorrow?

In this webinar, we keep things interesting and informative and provide you with everything you need to know about PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online). Our experts on the topic will take you through the basics of PEPPOL standards and infrastructure, and also explain the interoperable PEPPOL network’s role for the broader e-invoicing development in Europe and outside.

After watching this webinar, PEPPOL will be more tangible for you and you will have a clear understanding on both the benefits you can gain and the steps you need to take.

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to understand more about the PEPPOL network and the opportunities it offers for e-invoicing and electronic procurement processes.

Duration: 45 minutes



PEPPOL Network for e-Invoicing

Heikki Pulli
Solution Owner, B2B integrations, OpusCapita

Heikki has fifteen years of experience in customer-focused business development, particularly electronic supply chain management, electronic invoicing, and integration and data management solutions. At OpusCapita, he is responsible for B2B integration solutions globally and for promoting digital business networks among customers and stakeholders.

PEPPOL Network for e-Invoicing

Ahti Allikas
Solution Owner, Partners and Networks, OpusCapita

Ahti has been active in the e-invoicing industry since the year 2000. A large part of his work lies in developing the e-invoicing ecosystem in Europe, for which he is a member of the executive committee of the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA) and serves as the OpusCapita representative towards the OpenPEPPOL Association.

PEPPOL Network for e-Invoicing

Adam Tamburello
Product Marketing Manager, OpusCapita

Adam has over 10 years of international business development experience in the financial services industry and is currently Product Marketing Manager for Cash Management and Business Network