Overcoming key challenges in supplier management

Supplier engagement is one of the main areas that procurement professionals are grappling with today. It is also the key to improving procurement efficiency and ensuring supplier performance and compliance.

In this webinar, we focused on the challenges of supplier management, from supplier evaluation, onboarding and information management to enabling collaboration and measuring supplier performance. We took a practical approach to the topic drawing from our experience and also introduce some of the most interesting takeaways from recent surveys.

Listen to us and the Head of Procurement at Sato, Yaron Nadbornik to discuss

  • The typical pain points in supplier management
  • Overcoming the challenges
  • Best practices approach in supplier engagement
  • Lessons learned

Who should attendProcurement professionals who want to improve supplier engagement and take the best practice approach to supplier management.


Duration: 45 minutes


Yaron Nadbornik on supplier management

Yaron Nadbornik
Head of Procurement, SATO oyj

Yaron is an experienced procurement leader having successfully designed and implemented large sourcing strategies ramp up and transformation projects. Very familiar with end-to-end spend analysis, he understands why categorizing third-party vendor spend is important in identifying opportunities and achieving sustainable and holistic procurement transformation. In his current role, Yaron is often a problem solver required to visualize the entire supply chain while quickly identifying the potential or actual high impact failure points. He is continuously developing and implementing sourcing strategies to help improve the service driven processes overall while ensuring continuous and sustainable cost reductions through vendors network development and cost framework revamping.

Rowan Lemley on MRO procurement

Rowan Lemley
Head of Product Marketing, OpusCapita

Rowan has more than 10 years of experience in the purchase-to-pay arena. During this time, he has managed the go-to-market for a diverse set of portfolios including Accounts Payable Automation, B2B Networks, Financing Services, e-Procurement and Product Information Management.