How to manage complex purchasing categories in e-procurement?

Buying pens and pencils is easy, but how can you make the purchasing process of all goods and services just as efficient and smooth? Join us for a webinar where we explore how you can widen the e-procurement spend reach.

Martin Casserdahl, Director, P2P Presales and Consulting at OpusCapita will draw from his experience and discuss how more complex categories such as services can be successfully incorporated into an e-procurement system. He will also cover the common mistakes to avoid.

Typically, e-procurement systems are suited to manage spend in categories such as IT and Office Supplies, which are made available through electronic catalogs. When the maturity of the organization increases, Procurement wants to target more complex categories, but often realises that these are more difficult to manage and often involve deep integration with the ERP, Inventory or EAM systems.

This is your chance to benchmark your thinking and find ways to overcome these obstacles. You will learn from these topics and more:

  • Basic Maturity Curve: Which are the common stages an organization goes through as they grow?
  • Services, one of the biggest challenges to overcome in procurement: How to make buying services easier and how suppliers support the process?
  • Integration: When is the right time to integrate to inventory, ERP and EAM systems and what are the benefits?

All who register will receive the slides and the recording after the webinar. Joining us online will give you the opportunity to ask questions and compare experiences live with peers. Your online and registration details will only be shared with the co-organizer. We acknowledge the value of your time and promise that the time you spend with is will be worthwhile for you.


Duration: 45 minutes




Martin Casserdahl
Martin Casserdahl
Director, P2P Presales and Consulting, OpusCapita