Is your Accounts Receivable department burdened with manual invoicing processes and inefficiencies related to handling paper invoices?

Do you struggle to comply with the various tax regulations and local laws, while satisfying your customers’ individual requirements for receiving invoices?

Do you have large amounts of unallocated cash at the end of the month? And are your matching processes manual, costly and time-consuming?

Every organization that deals with paper invoices in their Accounts Receivable knows the hassle: manual invoicing and matching processes are expensive, time consuming and error-prone.

Inefficiencies in the invoice handling and delivery process result in late payments, which in turn have an impact on the company cash flow and working capital.

In this webinar, we focus on getting your Accounts Receivable processes in shape today and ready for the future.

We will explain how to create an agile and effortless B2B invoice sending process and automate receivables matching. The benefits for you are better Accounts Receivable efficiency, stronger cash flow, and the ability to meet your customers’ individual requirements.

We’ll cover the following topics:

  • The current state and the future trends of the invoicing market
  • The benefits of transitioning to e-invoicing and digitalized invoice sending
  • How to easily set up a compliant and smooth B2B multichannel invoice sending process
  • How electronic processes in invoice sending enable broader Accounts Receivable transformation and automation of the reconciliation process
  • How AR Matching can reduce the amount of unallocated cash in your organization

Who should attendThis webinar is for CFOs, Finance professionals and Shared Service Center leaders who are looking to increase their Accounts Receivable efficiency and strengthen their cash flow with a cost-efficient B2B invoice sending process and automated reconciliation process.


Duration: 50 minutes




Matts Ek
Matts Ek
Product Manager, OpusCapita

Matts has a long experience as business owner and product manager at OpusCapita and is extremely passionate about optimizing our customers invoice processes.

Adam Tamburello
Adam Tamburello
Product Marketing Manager, OpusCapita

Adam has over 10 years of international business development experience in the financial services industry and is currently Product Marketing Manager for Cash Management and Business Network