How to Improve Your Accounts Payable Processes & Save Money

Does your Accounts Payable department spend a lot of time on manual, paper-based tasks? Is the verification, approval and posting process for your purchase invoices streamlined? Is your AP department able to pay all purchase invoices on time?

These are just some of the pain points caused by inefficient invoice receiving and invoice handling processes. Many organizations are struggling with time-consuming routines in Accounts Payable, which make the cost of receiving and processing an invoice many times higher than it is in companies that have electronic and automated invoice processes.

What we will cover in this webinar:

  • The current state of the invoicing market
  • The benefits (time & money) of moving to e-invoicing and digitalized invoice processing
  • How to set up an effective invoice receiving and handling process
  • How to build the business case for Accounts Payable transformation
  • Customer case study

Who should attendThis webinar is for CFOs, and Finance and Shared Service Center leaders who are looking for ways to make their invoice receiving and invoice handling processes smoother and more cost-efficient.


Duration: 45 minutes




Heikki Pulli
Heikki Pulli
Solution Owner, B2B integrations, OpusCapita

Heikki has fifteen years of experience in customer-focused business development, particularly electronic supply chain management, electronic invoicing, and integration and data management solutions. At OpusCapita, he is responsible for B2B integration solutions globally and for promoting digital business networks among customers and stakeholders.

Adam Tamburello
Adam Tamburello
Product Marketing Manager, OpusCapita

Adam has over 10 years of international business development experience in the financial services industry and is currently Product Marketing Manager for Cash Management and Business Network