Invoice Automation: A roundup of the challenges and opportunities

How can I find the right balance in handling invoice deviations? Are artificial intelligence and machine learning the answer? What if the finance and invoicing departments don’t agree on where to invest for improvement?

These are just some of the questions us invoicing professionals ask ourselves daily in the drive to improve our company’s invoice automation processes. It’s not always easy to know where to focus your efforts and resources, especially when the efficiency goals of different departments may not be in alignment. 

This third and final webinar in our invoice automation series address some of the most common questions and challenges with concrete examples and clear suggestions – leaving you better equipped to handle conflicts and lead change.


Who should attend: This webinar is useful for purchasing heads, financial decision makers or anyone involved in an invoice automation program. 

Duration: 35 minutes
Speakers: from OpusCapita

Invoice Automation opportunities - Webinar

Tobias Wikstrom, Head of Invoice Automation. Tobias has more than 15 years’ experience in purchase-to-pay and cash management operations. He has supported hundreds of customers in their strategic alignment initiatives through invoice automation, supply chain and cash flow automation projects – gaining valuable cross-vertical knowledge in the process. During recent years, cloud services and operations have also been within his focus areas. A strong believer in LEAN and continuous improvements, Tobias supports pragmatic approaches to complex challenges. 

Invoice Automation opportunities - Webinar

Tommi Kouhi, Product Manager. Tommi has more than 16 years’ experience in cash management and invoice automation solutions. Recently he has been focused on developing world-class invoice automation tools and services for global customers. Tommi also has strong experience in software development, product management, implementation projects, product marketing and sales.