Ahti Allikas

Ahti Allikas is a member of the executive committee of the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA), member of management committee of the OpenPeppol Association (PEPPOL) and also member of E-Invoicing expert group in the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on E-Invoicing (EMSFEI). On this page we will answer common questions around e-invoicing with Ahti.

Meet Ahti

In this video Ahti gives a brief introduction to his background and role at OpusCapita.

What are 3 keys to successful

In this video Ahti takes a closer look at Peppol and how it supports the three key elements for successful e-invoicing.

About Peppol and EESPA

In this video Ahti gives a short intro to the different organizations that are working on driving e-invoicing in the EU forward.

Should Peppol and EESPA merge?

In this video Ahti highlights the different angles that Peppol and EESPA are taking care of when it comes to e-invoicing.