How does a Peppol Access Point work

The basic operations of an Access Point are:

  1. The sender of an electronic document (for example an e-invoice, an e-order or an e-catalogue) sends the document to a Peppol Access Point using mechanisms agreed with their Access Point provider. 
  2. The Access Point identifies the service required (and may validate the type of document being sent) and also identifies the Access Point for the recipient. 
  3. The Access Point delivers the document to the recipient's Access Point. 
  4. The receiving Access Point delivers the document to the recipient.

OpusCapita customers typically get this service as part of our existing services (E-invoice Sending, E-invoice Receiving, B2B Integration) and use the OpusCapita Access Point to exchange documents with business partners using other Access Point providers. Basically, the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure to provides a ‘gateway’ or ‘bridge’ between specific e-procurement communities or service platforms. Peppol calls this federated network of Access Points connected to each other, the PEPPOL community.

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