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Ahti Allikas
Solution Owner, Partners and Networks, OpusCapita

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PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an interoperability infrastructure, co-funded by the European Commission and 18 government agencies. The goal is to simplify the purchase-to-pay process between government bodies, and B2B Companies (for both buyers and suppliers). In simple terms, PEPPOL offers a standardized messaging connection for e-ordering, e-invoicing, electronic credit notes and advanced shipping notifications (ASNs). These technologies automate the information exchange across the supply chain, reducing the cost and potential risk of errors from manual intervention.

The PEPPOL network is an open, many-to-many platform, with standardization on all three necessary levels:

1. addressing and routing of the messages
2. document specifications and
3. network infrastructure


What are the benefits of using PEPPOL?

You will save time and money by enabling your business messaging to be exchanged digitally, rather than on paper. You can easily connect to other trading partners who are also using PEPPOL. You will reduce the amount of errors. It's also important to note that within the EU, many governments are now requiring e-invoicing when sending invoices to governments. PEPPOL allows your business to be compliant with these new regulations.


Common questions around PEPPOL answered

If you have questions about PEPPOL, chances are you are not the only one. Head over to our PEPPOL Q&A to check if we have the answers you're looking for.


PEPPOL Quick Guide

PEPPOL is quickly becoming a standard of choice for many governments and businesses within Europe and abroad. However, many companies still have questions about the basics of what it is, what are the benefits of using it, and how to implement it.

Access Points

How does PEPPOL work?

Connecting to the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure takes place using Access Points, which are operated by service providers in a similar way to how sending and receiving email requires access to an Internet mail server (provided by Internet Mail Service Providers). OpusCapita is one of the PEPPOL Access Point service providers. Learn more about how it works in practice.


Make use of PEPPOL

Send and receive e-invoices, automate your invoice reception and processing, or send an receive 02C / P2P messages such as purchase orders or despatch advices - all you need via PEPPOL. Boost your digitalization by getting more and more of your suppliers and receivers to onboard to electronic messaging and invoices. Less paper, less PDFs, more e-invoices - this is what we call the e-transition.

The fundamentals of the EESPA and PEPPOL infrastructures explained by Ahti Allikas, our e-invoicing expert and a member of EESPA, PEPPOL, and more.

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Improve AP & AR productivity, cut costs, reduce errors - and ensure compliancy with e.g. PEPPOL.

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