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Let’s say goodbye to paper forever!

E-invoicing is the fast track to a better business

E-invoicing continues to gain traction globally and no surprise. It's possibly the fastest way to improve financial efficiency and profitability. Digitalizing your financial processes will help streamline your AP & AR processes, cut costs, reduce errors and improve your overall competitive edge.

Electronic invoicing is fast, efficient, sustainable and an important building block for further digitization. It opens the door to comprehensive automation advantages in your entire source-to-pay process and digital supply chain. Choosing e-invoicing allows you to address invoice process issues immediately, strengthen your professional relationships and support your clients with improved services.

check-ico.png Benefits of e-invoicing
check-ico.png Seamless processes & data flow
check-ico.png Compliancy - PEPPOL, EN16931, ...
check-ico.png Real-time access to exchanged data
check-ico.png Shortened lead times / DSO
check-ico.png High AP & AR productivity
check-ico.png High data security

No more paper, no more PDFs


The Covid-19 pandemic has put the world under enormous pressure, and business processes with manual touchpoints are no exception. To bid farewell to paper is a big decision that affects us all in several ways, but undoubtedly, paper invoices are a weak link in the invoice sending or invoice receiving and handling process that can affect your overall business. PDFs in email might, at first, sound like a great option to reduce paper, but how do you then get all that invoice data into a system where you can manage and process it?

By moving to e-invoicing, you will get an effective AP & AR process that helps to fulfill orders and retain employees. It's a great help in adjusting to the new normal with increased digitalization, and it will help you sustain your business, putting You in control.

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Choosing the right standard

The PEPPOL network is an open, many-to-many platform, with standardization on all three necessary levels; addressing and routing of the messages, document specifications and network infrastructure. Even though most of the PEPPOL traffic comes from e-invoices today, PEPPOL supports other supply chain documents such as orders, catalogs, dispatch advices and different response messages as well.


Connectivity through networks

Our goal is to create 100% digital business networks. This means the ability to connect all your business partners around the world through one connection - from big corporates to small and medium sized companies. Interoperability partnerships, PEPPOL network, direct connections to business partners and the existing OpusCapita customers connected to our network make this possible.

“E-transitioning depends on great tech for sure, but you also need experienced support that you can trust.”

Per Åberg, Head of Business Network

Let’s start e-invoicing!

Invoice Sending

Send out e-invoices, PDFs by email, and paper invoices from your ERP, gaining more e-invoicing receivers with automated channel management.

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Invoice Receiving

Receive e-invoices, PDFs in email, and paper invoices into a single, digital format in your workflow system.

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Invoice Process Automation

Automate your invoice handling with visual workflow management and further boost from artificial intelligence.

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