E-invoice Savings Calculator

Sometimes there's no better way to make a decision than by using an old fashioned calculator. That's why we've created this easy to use e-invoicing calculator to help you see how much your company could be saving by transitioning from paper to electronic invoicing. In addition to saving money, you'll also be saving time and reducing errors.

To use the calculator, simply put the number of invoices you receive each year and use the slider to see how much you can save*) by increasing your ratio of e-invoices.

How many invoices does your company receive every year?

How many of them are e-invoices?


Yearly direct cost for receiving invoices

Yearly indirect costs for receiving invoices

Total saved yearly

Saved amount of paper (20 g per invoice) per year

Saved amount of CO2 per year

*) Savings estimates based on OpusCapita customer data and the Billentis report on e-invoicing