Covid-19 preventive measures

As we prepare for being able to ensure service continuity for our customers even under the current adverse conditions, our top priority remains keeping our employees, customers, their families and communities as healthy and safe as possible. OpusCapita has taken necessary precautions for the coronavirus (Covid-19) to mitigate potential issues, ensure continuity of services, and protect our employees, customers, and partners.

OpusCapita has implemented precautions such as informing and instructing staff on measures to prevent respiratory infection and instructing on hand and cough hygiene. We have banned all travel and instructed the use of video or phone conferencing as the default. All our staff are equipped with the ability to work remotely and are advised to do so based on individual country guidance. 

OpusCapita has internal continuity plans in place and continuity of services is ensured by various measures based on a risk assessment. We are continuously assessing our subcontractors’ preparation and business continuity plans in order to remove risks on continued services.

OpusCapita are continuously monitoring and applying guidelines and recommendations issued by local health experts and authorities in each of the countries where we operate and taking action as appropriate. We will update our customers and employees when there are further developments