Rydoo for Real-time Expense Management

Expense Management solution from OpusCapita:

About Rydoo

Rydoo is a leading business expense management solution that automates and streamlines processes for high-growth companies and enterprises.

Its innovative mobile and web application transforms the outdated expense reporting process by empowering employees to snap and manage expenses anywhere in real-time. Rydoo seamlessly integrates with major accounting and ERP packages including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Sage etc …

Thousands of companies across 62 countries including Deloitte, Pernod Ricard and Henkel trust Rydoo to save them significant time and costs.

How it Works?

Rydoo automates the complete expense management flow with a simple 3 steps process. It gives you back control of your companies’ expenses while providing your employees with an easy to use, efficient platform.
Avoid manual input, avoid mistakes and let Rydoo take care of your expenses.

Our Rydoo for Real-time Expense Management Solution

Your expenses on the go

Snap and Manage Expenses Anywhere in Real-Time

Snap a picture of your receipts directly with your Rydoo mobile app, track your mileage with Google Maps integrations, enter your trip details for per diems claiming, and submit them all for approval directly from the app in just one click.

Boost productivity by automating and streamlining your business expenses. Our easy to use mobile and web app transforms the outdated expense reporting process.

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Xpenditure for Real-time Expense Management

Free for iPhone and Android devices.
Get the App now and start snapping your receipts!

Approve & Control Anywhere, at any time

No more manual signatures. Receive all the expense to approve and control directly on your Rydoo mobile or web. All out of policy and non-compliant receipts are automatically flagged for a better checks and control. To approve and control, simply swipe right to approve or left to reject and one click to approve all.

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Xpenditure for Real-time Expense Management

Delivers Strong ROI Benefits

Reduce your processing time by 75% and increase your expense compliancy by 125% by introducing Rydoo.

Having an instant overview of your employees’ expenses is almost impossible with a manual expense process. With Rydoo, choose your criteria and create the report that you need. All the data is available at any moment and in real-time. Collect all the information in just one click. Your company’s expenses can be grouped by per project, departments, individuals, out of policies receipts.

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Xpenditure for Real-time Expense Management

Real time Insights

ERP Integration

To reduce your manual work to a minimum, Rydoo integrates with all your favorite ERP systems or accounting softwares.

No more manual input means less errors are made when using our solution.

Set up custom fields to keep track of any data you need. Once approved and controlled, all your expenses are sent to your ERP system.

Decide on the frequency, real-time, hourly, daily or weekly.

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Xpenditure for Real-time Expense Management

Integrations structure with SAP

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