MRO Procurement Solution

Procurement activities related to MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) are one of the most often overlooked processes within indirect procurement. We believe the primary reason for this is due in a large part to the high degree of data management, multiple stakeholders, disparate systems and processes. In short - it’s complicated.

It’s also what we are good at. But don't take our word for it, read what Spend Matters had to say about us and MRO in their Technology Review. So help us help you - contact us today to start a conversation on how OpusCapita can support your MRO process.

Key elements of MRO related procurement processes

OpusCapita MRO Procurement Solution

Connect your EAM, Inventory and Maintenance processes into a one-stop-shop

Within the MRO process there are typically quite a few handovers. Whether it’s from the the EAM system to the ERP or from the work order to the PO, these systems and processes are often clunky with plenty of opportunities for your people in Maintenance or the Warehouse to struggle even before the work gets to procurement.

With accurate pricing, inventory and ordering systems all connected with source of supply, MRO can be a highly efficient process.

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MRO procurement; connecting maintenance with inventory with procurement - managing the complexity.

Find the right part at the right price for improved on-contract spend.

Right part, right prices

The goal is to simplify the management and validation of supplier catalogs and pricing information to ensure the right part is procured at the contracted price - sounds easy? Not so fast. Let’s include the syndication of catalogs to your ERP and EAM systems, data enrichment, merging of buyer part numbers, OEM part numbers and other potential identifiers with supplier catalogs - hey, what about warehouses and inventory systems? You get the point.

If this sounds like one of your headaches, give us a call and let’s talk.

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Price validation in real-time drives smarter MRO.

The road to on-contract spend starts with a great user experience

User experience may seem like a no-brainer but the reality is that without it, the process quickly breaks down.

Great usability supports your maintenance team, the warehouse and your procurement team. If your MRO procurement processes are aligned behind a single process and user experience, not only are costs reduced but requisition to order cycle times and asset downtime are also both reduced.

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User Experience in procurement directly support the MRO related processes and promotes on-contract spend.

Amazon-like user experience directly supports MRO processes.

Modern MRO procurement with OpusCapita

Take a look at modern MRO procurement with OpusCapita. In this video, we will show you how to manage the complexity in practice. Make searching, finding and requisitioning spare parts easy for maintenance, while ensuring that agreed terms and conditions with contracted suppliers are met.

Watch the video and see how you can improve the efficiency or your MRO operations and reduce procurement related costs with modern MRO procurement.

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