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OpusCapita cloud-based eProcurement solutions provide a one-stop-shop procurement solution for employees to easily requisition goods and services from the corporate catalog. Once the requisition approval workflow is complete, purchase orders are dispatched to suppliers. After the goods or services have been delivered, goods receipting supports the downstream invoice reconciliation processes.


Operational eProcurement includes online product catalog, procurement management and spend analytics

Operational eProcurement with OpusCapita delivers a modern ‘amazon-like’ buying experience and can actively connect to your budgets and inventory systems.

Our Procurement Solution

Manage ALL your catalog data

Maximizing on-contract spend requires effective catalog management. With OpusCapita Online Product Catalog, all relevant products or services can be made available to your organization at agreed terms.

Online Product Catalog is what your employees will use to buy the products and services they need to get their jobs done. The catalog contains only pre-approved products from contracted suppliers. It features an intuitive ‘amazon-like’ user interface to make shopping as easy as in any B2C online store.

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Our eProcurement solution offers fast, fault-tolerant search

Minimize free-text ordering with smart forms

Smart forms minimize free-text ordering and improves spend analysis with better data and ultimately leads to better spend controls and more spend under management.

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OpusCapita eProcurement solution includes smart forms for more spend under management

Guided buying with modern eProcurement tools

OpusCapita Procurement Manager makes accounting and approvals easier. It autofills the buyer’s information and can also load additional data based on what you are requisitioning. Notes to the approver or supplier can be added. And, once you press go, the requisition is automatically sent to the approver who can provide the approval from any computer or mobile device.

Category Managers can also guide requisitioners with recommendations, bundling and supplier evaluations.

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OpusCapita eProcurement solution for better spend management and easier budget management

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