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OpusCapita Source-to-Pay

Source-to-Pay from OpusCapita is a unified cloud-based platform delivering sourcing, procurement and accounts payable with full connectivity to your trading partners through the OpusCapita Business Network. Find out more in our Source-to-Pay brochure >>

Unified Source-to-Pay

One process, one platform, your challenges, our solutions.

How do you manage supplier information?

Approximately 76% of organizations manage supplier data manually - and it’s typically out of date. Self-service options encourage suppliers to maintain their own data, freeing you to do more value adding tasks.

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How optimal are your sourcing processes?

Over half of organizations consider their sourcing agility to be poor or merely adequate. When poor sourcing equals higher cost of goods this may mean the difference between lower or higher margins and ultimately bottom line results.

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Are your procurement processes a little ‘maverick’?

Ensuring the procurement process is effectively managed throughout the source-to-order process requires systems that work - or people will go around them. Modern on-line shopping experiences are easy, mobile and best of all - controlled.

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The challenges of MRO and services procurement

Almost half of all organizations (39%) cite services procurement as a top challenge in e-procurement and MRO adds further complexity where goods & services are purchased with deep integration to Inventory, EAM and ERP systems.

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Cut costs associated with invoice processing

Huge costs savings are possible with efficient invoice automation. Receiving e-invoices in conjunction with intelligent processes can deliver upwards of 64% savings on a per-invoice basis. With the potential of early payment discounts, invoice automation pays for itself.

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Make payments a priority

Despite being the second ‘P’ in source-to-pay, payments are often neglected - but organizations today have more need than ever to connect the full source-to-pay process to effective cash management.

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Our Source-to-Pay Solution

Smarter procurement requires effective sourcing

OpusCapita automates the sourcing process, decrease associated costs, and provide buyers more opportunities to collaborate with suppliers throughout the early stages of sourcing through to contracting.

We provide key capabilities for transactional procurement including supplier registration, qualification and adoption plus pricing management using catalogs and ad hoc quotations. Connect with all your suppliers through the OpusCapita Business Network.

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Smarter procurement requires effective sourcing

Smarter procurement requires effective sourcing


Buy easier with OpusCapita eProcurement

OpusCapita's cloud-based E-procurement solutions provide a one-stop-shop procurement solution for employees to requisition goods and services from the corporate catalog. Once the requisition approval workflow is complete, purchase orders are dispatched to suppliers. After the goods or services have been delivered, goods receipting supports the downstream invoice reconciliation processes.

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Buy easier with OpusCapita e-Procurement


Modern MRO procurement with OpusCapita

Procurement activities related to MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) are one of the most often overlooked processes within indirect procurement. We believe the primary reason for this is due in a large part to the high degree of data management, multiple stakeholders, disparate systems and processes. In short - it’s complicated. It’s also what we are good at so help us help you - contact us today to start a conversation on how OpusCapita can support your MRO process.





Streamline & automate your invoice handling

OpusCapita Invoice Automation is a key component in the Source-to-Pay portfolio with key capability designed to streamline and automate your invoice handling process. For corporations with international footprints or decentralized business structures, our solutions ensure standardization of processes and centralization of control.

For most organizations, visibility and control are key motivations for setting up shared services. Our solutions are designed to support this goal by ensuring a managed, best-practice process built to ensure maximum automation with full process transparency mitigating risks for external and internal fraud.

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Steamline & automate your invoice handling

Secure and flexible payments - globally

Maintaining a multitude of bank connections with exhaustive technical requirements is a real challenge for any corporate IT and Treasury. OpusCapita offers a secure and flexible way to connect with over 10 800 banks and financial institutions around the world. With OpusCapita, you connect securely to our cloud service which provides a scalable and flexible turnkey solution for reaching nearly any bank in the world.

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