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Empower your organization and suppliers to manage product information

Spend less time and effort on administration, manual updates and data inquiries by providing self-services to your own staff, data managers, data suppliers and customers.

Our Self-Services Solution

Validate and harmonize the received product data automatically

Harmonizing product data is a daily issue - especially for retail, wholesale and the distribution sector with an extremely high quantity of product data. They have to accept tens of thousands of product information data points from various manufacturers. Then process and prepare it for different output channels like web shops, eCatalogs and also individually produced print media.

OpusCapita’s Supplier Portal (SSM) provides support for these tasks by automatically validating the delivered data and storing them in such a way that they can be output in any media at any time without having to change individual data or product relations.

Suppliers can securely provide product catalogs and price files, check them and make them available to the purchasing company. They are thus able to publish custom catalogs, price list updates, as well as all relevant multimedia elements.

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Automated checks accelerate product range updates

Individually configurable import converters enable the processing or generation of various data formats and structures. The data can also be validated, reclassified and revised down to the field level.

Moreover, the corresponding rules may vary depending on the individual data source or target. During the import, the existing data set is compared to the newly imported version. All differences are logged and visualised in charts and tables.

The automated validation and controlled revision of information enhances the data quality while making the updating and extension of your product range several times faster.

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With the Product Creation Workflow you can customize the workflow and control the status of a product.

The central product information portal for your staff and B2B customers

All  information about your products and services are quickly and easily available with the web-based OPC at any time. Find images, data sheets, drawings or PDF overviews, as well as clear and detailed product presentations with multimedia content with just a few clicks.

Effective search for any product information

Navigating within OPC is straightforward. The search is optimized to give only the relevant hits with high speed. A simple and clear interface means your customers will obtain their search results faster. Results are displayed in a fraction of a second, even across a product range of several million products.

B2B customer portal

You can easily upgrade Online Product Catalog to include a B2B customer portal with its own login access for your B2B customers. Here you can use the sight and product range management tools to assign individual product attributes or product ranges to specific target groups. Online Product Catalog can also be further upgraded into a full B2B shop offering familiar functions such as a shopping cart, shopping lists, favorites and product comparisons.

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Online Product Catalog is optimized to run fast and show the relevant search results.

Intuitive and effective user interfaces on all devices

Many companies are trapped to old enterprise applications with outdated functionality and ineffective user interfaces.

A modern OpusCapita Product Information Management (PIM) solution can be integrated with the legacy systems to take benefit of the latest technology without changes to the core. This way the most effective tools are easily available for the business users and people managing product data.

You can also access the product data on the go with mobile and tablet access.

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The complete functionality of Online Product Catalog is available using any device.


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