Product Master Data Management Solution

Collect, manage and make product data easily available

OpusCapita Product Information Manager is the easiest way to handle your product information and product master data. It allows you to easily create and manage information about your products for both internal and external audiences, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest and most accurate product information.

Product Master Data Management solution from OpusCapita:


Product Master Data ManagementManage every detail of information in a single system 

Our Product Master Data Management Solution

Link and synchronize product data from multiple sources and make it easily available

Automated data collection from multiple sources

PIM links and synchronizes data from various sources, thereby preventing the duplication of identical data and
minimizing the effort required by your organization.

Manage product data with integrated approval processes

Guarantee data quality, security, clear processes, efficient translation, and a transparent overview of all product versions with integrated approval processes and automated checks.

Synchronize correct data to other systems

PIM is the trusted source of information, synchronizing data from multiple systems, for example SAP. You can also make mass data updates easily.

Find the relevant data easily

The search functionality shares the same advanced and optimized technology, which was created for our Online Product Catalog to meet the requirements of many big customers like Siemens, Maersk, IBM

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Product Master Data Management

Product data dashboard and powerful search engine

Manage product hierarchies, groups and variants

Create product groups and variants to simplify the product data management. Define the common and variable product information to be shown, for example, on a print catalogs and online shop tables.

Examples of product variants:

  • Attribute values
  • Images
  • Prices
  • Assortments

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Product Master Data Management

Example of product variants on a web shop

Boost sales with country-specific or customised product ranges

PIM offers comprehensive possibilities to map prices and product ranges:

  • Individual
  • Sales and list prices
  • Manufacturer recommended retail prices

This information can be completed with important details like the currency, validity periods, sales unit quantities and the release state. The price information can be bundled in contracts and thus made specifically available to individual customers, customer groups, sales units, country-specific ranges, or particular channels.

It goes without saying that you can manage your product data in all required languages and modify it to meet your requirements.

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Product Master Data Management


Reduce translation costs and harmonize terminology

OpusCapita offers extensive translation functions, designed especially for manufactures with special terminology. The terminology management ensures unified use of terms within texts and simplifies the translation. The term-dashboard displays a quick overview of all on-going translation workflows.

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Product Master Data Management


Solutions that match specific needs

Our systems are designed based on the requirements of various industry sectors to make sure you get exactly the solution you need.

For example, the OpusCapita for Automotive module supports manufacturers and trading companies in the automotive industry. With OpusCapita you can manage your products, spare parts and accessories with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-vendor support.

Define the compatibility of different parts to vehicles and models. The most popular classification formats in the automotive industry are naturally supported, especially TecDoc and Phoenix.

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Product Master Data Management


Get control of product information and requirements

OpusCapita products support established classification standards and data exchange formats for smooth product integration on a global level. Classifications can be imported and exported directly or via easy-to-use mappings. Parallel multi-classification is also supported.

Sector-specific requirements supported
Let your staff continue to work with their familiar structures, for example, the ERP commodity group hierarchy, but make the data also available in industry standards like eCl@ss, ETIM, BMEcat or UNSPSC.

Moreover, the fact that your customers do not have to go through the trouble of defining assignments or mappings will positively affect your customer relationships. You can also transfer the information to any other standard and thus gain access to new markets and new trading partners.

Use various data formats

The classification systems have been developed to standardize information content, and the data formats provide the standards for transmitting these data. OpusCapita supports various data formats, including major ones like BMEcat, Excel, CSV, CIF, EDI, and Text.

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Product Master Data Management


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