Catalog Syndication Solution

Rich Data for All Your Channels

Digital sales and marketing professionals around the globe are automating their processes through integration, connectivity and self-services - to sell more through more channels.

The Product Information Management solution from OpusCapita synchronizes your data from other systems, for example SAP, and subsequently enables you to enrich it with descriptions, article numbers, prices, images, classification, product ranges and other information. This data can then be published to a broad variety of sales channels and media simultaneously.

Plan and define content for each sales channel, e.g. separate offering for eCommerce

Catalog Syndication

Our Catalog syndication Solution

Harmonize product data and define delivered information to all your sales channels

Having the up-to-date product information in one place makes creating channel specific content easy. This way only the relevant product data is shared per sales channel.

Build uniform buying experiences

These days consumers collect information from multiple sources. They might do the research from the supplier website, but buy the product from a third party webshop or a shopping mall. Consistent product information from all touch-points makes buying easier, reduces product returns and decreases customer inquiries.

Faster sales cycles

Modern suppliers sell their products using various channels and online marketplaces simultaneously, they announce campaigns and special offers, while also generating additional business with cross-selling and product bundles. This is done easily with OpusCapita Product Information Management.

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Catalog Syndication

Sell more with quick sales promotions, flexible offers and prices

In addition to the detailed product descriptions, PIM administers various product related suggestions, like:

  • Recommended products to buy next
  • Suitable accessories
  • Bill of material (BOM)
  • Cross-selling recommendations based on buyer persona (customers who bought this also bought that)

The information is mapped with the product relations and creates additional impulses to improve sales.

Fast adaptation to market changes

Product lines and prices can be customized easily with PIM to quickly adapt to changing market requirements. Announcing special offers, discounts, offering vouchers and coupons is equally simple.

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Catalog Syndication

React fast to changing market requirements with accelerated desktop publishing and easy created pdf’s

Complement PIM with the Cross Media Publisher to produce and publish product information quickly in electronic and printed form. For example, create assets with tailored (and automatically filled) data in various languages such as:

  • High-quality print catalogs
  • Individual flyers
  • Data sheets with sector standards
  • Price lists
  • Product presentations for supplier portals or web shops

Desktop publishing software integration

Direct integration with OpusCapita Product Information Manager provides for a consistent database and a trouble-free, cost-efficient production environment. A special benefit is perfectly synchronized data, allowing your designer to use desktop publishing software to efficiently produce high-quality catalogs and be able to fully concentrate on the design.

Customized pdf’s

Your staff can also use layout templates to flexibly create customized product information in PDF format with just a few mouse-clicks.

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Catalog Syndication

Open interface for desktop publishing and agency world

Synchronize up-to-date product information with your marketplaces and price search engines worldwide

Excellent product presentations stimulate the purchase decision and leads to increased sales. This is why we’ve designed our PIM solution to synchronize your up-to-date and detailed product descriptions with your online shops worldwide. Your customers can then easily find, compare and configure products to make purchasing easy.

Make your products easily found

Each search in a webshop is a customer inquiry. Any unsuccessful search is a lost lead. To secure every search result, you need to focus on information that is attached to your products on web. OpusCapita PIM helps publishing the relevant information to each sales channel.

Boost cross- and upselling

The product relations that are stored in your PIM-System can be directly used with your online offering. You can point-out complementary and additional products, or refer to recommendations made by other buyers. In addition, your customers are proposed corresponding products to further improve their buying experience.

Quick sales promotions and flexible pricing

Customizing the product offerings and pricing with PIM is easy. Announcing special offers and limited time discounts is simple as well.

Strong Partnerships

OpusCapita also provides interfaces to third party solutions in B2C commerce. There is an easy-to-adapt interface to various systems, such as OXID eSales, Shopware, Magento, Intershop and Xsite.

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Catalog Syndication

Sell more by connecting your PIM solution to the European eProcurement network

Create eCatalogs easily and access the European eProcurement markets with OpusCapita. Access more than 80,000 buyers and hundreds of thousands of suppliers across Europe through the PEPPOL network. OpusCapita provides a certified international PEPPOL access point and takes care of the routing and handling of documents and transactional messages.

Be prepared for the future

More and more European countries and companies are requiring PEPPOL compliant Purchase-to-Pay. Joining the PEPPOL network is an easy way to be prepared for the future and to be sure not to lose any sales due noncompliance.

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Catalog Syndication

The European governments requiring PEPPOL compliant Purchase-to-Pay now or in near sight

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