Product Information Management Solution

Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM) from OpusCapita collects, organizes, and updates all of your product information in a single system. The most relevant and authentic product information is available to internal and external stakeholders, and distributed to all your media and sales channels. Accurate and easily accessible product data improves efficiency and drives sales.

Benefits for enterprises

Find out what a modern Product Information Management solution can do for you:

Retailers: Harmonize data & cross-sell

Retailers need to be able to receive tens of thousands of pieces of product information from various manufacturers, and process and prepare that information for outbound channels like web shops, eCatalogs and individually produced print media. PIM makes this possible in one system. In addition, the OpusCapita solution suggests related accessories and spare parts, and enables you to create country-specific or customer-specific product ranges.

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eCommerce: Enable easy omni-channel commerce

Consumers want to shop from anywhere and anytime, and sellers need to be present in multiple channels with accurate and relevant product information. PIM makes multi-channel selling, and cross and upselling easier. In addition, our solution enables regional and customer-specific assortments.

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Manufacturers: Manage your master data

PIM makes data administration easy by bringing all product information into one system. This centralization simplifies complying with industry standards, and reduces translation costs. In addition, our integrated approval process ensures consistent data.

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Fast desktop publishing

Complement PIM with OpusCapita Cross Media Publisher for shorter publication workflows and the ability to publish product information quickly and selectively in printed form. Product data can be imported straight to desktop publishing software to quickly create catalogs, flyers, and leaflets.

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Collect, organize and update all your product information in a single system

The OpusCapita Product Information Management solution delivers enriched information to all your media and sales channels. PEPPOL-compliant eCatalogs can easily be created to support e-procurement across Europe.

Product Information Management Solution


The trusted source of product data for all parties

PIM supports all established formats for text, image and graphic information, combining them from various sources. Company-specific business rules provide automated data validation. Simple export and synchronization rules help ensuring all enterprise product data is connected to your central system, hence creating the ‘Golden Record’ for product information.

OpusCapita has multiple industry specific catalog and product information solutions that are perfectly tailored to the special sector needs. Furthermore we provide interfaces to industry standards and take into account established industry classifications.

OpusCapita Master Data Management:

  • Any detail of information
  • Product groups and variants
  • Prices and assortments
  • Translations and terminology
  • Industry specific modules

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Product Information Management Solution

Store, manage and find all your digital assets

With OpusCapita Digital Asset Manager (DAM), you can dramatically reduce the process costs associated with editing and delivering multimedia objects. The automated conversion and web-based provision of metadata, along with comprehensive search functions, enable centralized data management and company-wide re-use of all assets.

DAM ensures that all your pictures, videos, PDFs and manuals are quickly found and linked to the related product lines. Time is saved by making the conversions on the fly.

OpusCapita Digital Asset Management:

  • All digital assets: pictures, videos, PDF’s, manuals
  • Meta data and keywording
  • Build-in usage reports
  • Format conversions

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Product Information Management Solution

Eliminate manual updates by empowering your organization and suppliers

Spend less time and effort on administration by providing self-service portals to your own staff, data managers, data suppliers and customers.

Self-Service Manager (SSM) provides comprehensive portal-based functions for product and price data collection and distribution. Following a two or three stage workflow, users upload their catalogs and price data to the web portal. The data is validated in a fully automated process. As a result, your product data management is considerably accelerated.

OpusCapita Online Product Catalog serves as a central product information portal for both your staff and your B2B customers. All your product and service information is quickly and easily available at any time through the web-based catalog.

OpusCapita Self-Service Portals:

  • Supplier Self-Service Manager
  • Product data quality approval rules
  • Online Product-Catalog
  • Intuitive, fast search on mobile/tablet

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Product Information Management Solution
The complete functionality of Online Product Catalog is available using any device

Provide the relevant product information and assortments to all your sales channels quickly

OpusCapita Product Information Management provides interfaces also to third party solutions in B2C commerce. The easy-to-adapt interface is linked to various systems, such as OXID eSales, Shopware, Magento, Intershop and Xsite.

Complement PIM with OpusCapita Cross Media Publisher that leads to much shorter publication workflows and offers your company the possibility to publish product information quickly and selectively in printed form. Our plugin-based solutions enable you to work directly in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. By using the priint:comet, Xactuell or InBetween enterprise software solutions you can utilize layout rules which allow you to generate templates and page contents more automatically.

Create eCatalogs easily and share those through OpusCapita Business Network to enhanced automation of Order-to-Cash. OpusCapita is also a certified PEPPOL access point granting access to European eProcurement markets with more than 80,000 existing buyers. OpusCapita takes care of the routing and handling of documents and transactional messages.

OpusCapita Omni-Channel Communication:

  • Content planning per channel
  • Bundles and cross-selling
  • PDF and print catalogs
  • Shop and eCommerce solutions
  • Certified PEPPOL access point

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Product Information Management Solution

PIM integrates with your ERP, other solutions and partners

Integrate Product Information Management with your ERP and logistics systems or other local applications, for example: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel. This way you get rid of manual data updates and create a single source for all product information  - including technical specifications, marketing texts and multimedia content. Then carry out automated checks on your product information to ensure it complies with your pre-defined rules.

Connect Product Information Management to OpusCapita Business Network to interact with buyers, suppliers and other business partners more automatically. OpusCapita is also a certified PEPPOL access point.

OpusCapita Integration:

  • ERP and other solution integration
  • OpusCapita Business Network access
  • B2B Integration (EDI)
  • B2B Onboarding

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Product Information Management Solution

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