Source-to-pay needs to be safe, secure and easy to implement!

Mikael Schedin
eInvoicing Product Owner, OpusCapita

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We have - for Maersk. With our solutions, Maersk has created a one-stop-shop that securely connects suppliers around the world with transport ships on the move. Opuscapita eProcurement reliably and safely integrates to multiple back-end systems supporting a truely global MRO process.

AZURE - A powerful platform for our solutions

For OpusCapita customers, Azure provides a resilient, global and safe solution and service architecture for procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payment and treasury processes.
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In this webinar we want to introduce you to Azure’s security features, plus audit tools for data centers, specific security tools for customers.
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“OpusCapita eProcurement has been highly successful at Ramirent. Our users and our suppliers have found the system easy to use which has translated into increased spend under management.”

Peter Andréas, Sourcing and Trade Manager, Ramirent Sweden

In under 3 years, Ramirent was able to increase spend under management by 400%!

Managing complexity reduces key risks

The bad news is that e-procurement and source-to-pay are broad, complex processes and when you underestimate them, you run a significant risk of failure in your transformation efforts.

The good news is that the key to managing this risk is simple. Know what you are getting yourself into and make sure you don't ignore the complexity when it seems too difficult. Many organizations have gone for the low-hanging fruit, thinking a few quick wins will ensure future success. Unfortunately, this approach is full of flawed thinking and risk.

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Source-to-pay works when it's easy


Smart source-to-pay begins with e-procurement

eProcurement from OpusCapita makes buying look easy - even when it's complex. Our modern tools will put you in control of your spend, including the complex categories like services or MRO (materials, repair and operations). We know you need to do more with less, which is why we've provided controlled self-service options for your suppliers. With OpusCapita, e-procurement relies on high-quality and managed content, lowering risks while cutting costs.

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Can you handle all that data?

If you don't have a content strategy or tools for managing supplier information, you are at risk of failing before you begin. Start here with our eBook: Content Strategies in e-Procurement, so you know what you're getting into


Are you ready for services procurement?

Most organizations fail to realize that spend on services is increasing. Is your new system built to manage this complexity or is service procurement a secondary consideration? Our white paper: Solving Services Procurement, will help make sure you understand your options for managing this complex spend category.


Never start with AP!

This classic mistake is understandable. AP automation is the low-hanging fruit, but don't be fooled. Starting your project with AP will only create headaches when you move to procurement. This recent blog from Rowan Lemley does well to summarize the reasons why you should avoid this risky start.


Being informed reduces risk

In order to help our customers understand where the industry was going, we partnered with Procurecon to produced a benchmark report on indirect procurement in Europe. Make sure you understand the bigger trends in order to invest in the right source-to-pay solution for your needs.


Need some best practices?

By understanding the big picture of source-to-pay, we can help you avoid the hard lessons and instead, find only positive opportunities as a result of your efforts. This short report highlights the best practices necessary for source-to-pay excellence.


Are you too scared of MRO to change it?

We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and solved MRO. By leaving it out of your e-procurement transformation you are missing a huge opportunity for savings and creating a needless parallel process. Find out how companies like Maersk, Ramirent, and IBM have solved MRO with OpusCapita solutions.

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