Managing the complexity of MRO Procurement is no easy task. But not all jobs are easy.

OpusCapita is a leading provider of MRO Procurement solutions with years of experience delivering MRO in challenging environments.

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Connect your asset management, inventory and maintenance processes into a one-stop-shop.

Procurement activities related to MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) are one of the most often overlooked processes within indirect procurement. We believe the primary reason for this is due in a large part to the high degree of data management, multiple stakeholders, disparate systems and processes. In short - it’s complicated.

It’s also what we are good at. But don't take our word for it, read what Spend Matters had to say about us and MRO in their Technology Review. So help us help you - contact us today to start a conversation on how OpusCapita can support your MRO process.

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OpusCapita e-Procurement

We provide a suite of solutions that support your procurement teams with sourcing, supplier engagement and operational procurement. Our data-centric approach to supplier information management creates a strong base from which to create great processes in a controlled environment. Suppliers have many self-service tools to maintain their information - which helps ensure purchasing policy is compliant. Operationally, we help you centralize your MRO goods and services requirements within the shop - seamlessly utilizing supplier catalogs, punchout catalogs, smart forms and 3rd party marketplaces - while maintaining synchronization to your EAM and ERP.

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Create a one-stop-shop

Within the MRO process there are typically quite a few handovers. Whether it’s from the the EAM system to the ERP or from the work order to the PO, these systems and processes are often clunky with plenty of opportunities for your people in Maintenance or the Warehouse to struggle even before the work gets to procurement. With accurate pricing, inventory and ordering systems all connected with source of supply, MRO can be a highly efficient process.


Right part, right place, right time.

The goal is to simplify the management and validation of supplier catalogs and pricing information to ensure the right part is procured at the contracted price - sounds easy? Not so fast. Let’s include the syndication of catalogs to your ERP and EAM systems, data enrichment, merging of buyer part numbers, OEM part numbers and other potential identifiers with supplier catalogs - hey, what about warehouses and inventory systems? You get the point. If this sounds like one of your headaches, give us a call and let’s talk.


Great usability drives adoption

User experience may seem like a no-brainer but the reality is that without it, the process quickly breaks down. Great usability supports your maintenance team, the warehouse and your procurement team. If your MRO procurement processes are aligned behind a single process and user experience, not only are costs reduced but requisition to order cycle times and asset downtime are also both reduced.


One process, one platform

eProcurement from OpusCapita is a core element of OpusCapita Source-to-Pay. With OpusCapita, you have a unified cloud-based platform delivering sourcing, procurement and accounts payable with full connectivity to your trading partners through the OpusCapita Business Network.



The OpusCapita Business Network is a modern network that is actively developed together with EESPA, CEF, FeRD and PEPPOL communities. It connects and integrates buyers, suppliers and other business partners much wider than any single network. Reach over 1 million potential business partners with just one connection. We are a certified PEPPOL access point which means among other things, that with OpusCapita, you can manage all your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash messaging.


Watch a webinar: 3 Keys to Managing MRO Complexity

This webinar focused on solving the challenges of MRO procurement (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) and explains how to achieve effective purchasing processes, and both operational impact and savings.


OpusCapita has an MRO Digitalization Agenda

OpusCapita is a mid-sized software company with Finnish / German roots and you would be forgiven for not knowing that this unassuming best-of-breed provider of source-to-pay and cash management solutions was in fact, a global leader in modernizing MRO processes.


How to tackle service procurement challenges

Services procurement is consistently one of the biggest challenges for any procurement organization because of so many elements of the service itself, the delivery and receiving.


Procurement in the Nordics 2020

With globalization, disruptive technology and opportunities only becoming available with increasing digitalization, the age-old mantra of the Procurement function is changing.

Let’s talk about e-procurement!


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