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These guys are happy because they just released the latest version of OpusCapita Invoice Process Automation - we call it IPA (not to be confused with the drink but both can be fun).

It's time to take your invoice handling process to the next level

If you haven't fully digitalized your accounts payable process then at worst, you've exposed yourself to all kinds of risks and at best, your process is simply slow and expensive.

OpusCapita Invoice Automation is designed to centralize and standardize local and global accounts payable processes for maximum efficiency and control. By increasing transparency, accounts payable automation also reduces the risk of internal and external fraud.

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Your next AP system looks like this

Invoice Process Automation from OpusCapita

The main benefits of an invoice processing system are control, visibility and efficiency. OpusCapita Invoice Processing provides efficiency in a variety of ways - all of which result in lower transaction costs and extra time for everyone. Our solutions also provide all the necessary controls around user rights, process flows, segregation of duties, etc to support local and international legislation. And when it comes time for that audit, we make visibility into the transaction history entirely transparent.

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Go 100% e-Invoicing

For the best automation rates, invoices should be processed electronically and ideally, received as true e-invoices (ie: structured data). OpusCapita offers a range of e-invoicing options for suppliers of all maturities and sizes so that you - the customer - can receive and process all of your invoices electronically at the highest possible automation rates.


Optimize the Process

With OpusCapita Invoice Processing, centralizing and standardizing shared services based on best practices is easy. Workflows are also easily managed with a visualizer that not only provides visibility into the whole process but gives you dynamic control.



To help you make sense of Peppol, we've gathered a collection of our different resources to ensure you are armed with everything you need to know about Peppol.


One process, one platform

Invoice Process Automation from OpusCapita is a core element of OpusCapita Source-to-Pay. With OpusCapita, you have a unified cloud-based platform delivering modern solutions for sourcing & supplier engagement, operational procurement and accounts payable with full connectivity to your trading partners through the OpusCapita Business Network.



The OpusCapita Business Network is a modern network that is actively developed together with EESPA, CEF, FeRD and PEPPOL communities. It connects and integrates buyers, suppliers and other business partners much wider than any single network. Reach over 1 million potential business partners with just one connection. We are a certified PEPPOL access point which means among other things, that with OpusCapita, you can manage all your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash messaging.

Customer Case

Innovation at Apoteksgruppen

"The users must be very pleased, as Apoteksgruppen’s dedicated support receives very few questions. I expect the new mobile app will make them even happier. " Simona Muntean, controller at Apoteksgruppen i Sverige AB


5 Value Drivers of AP Automation

Touchless invoice processing is the objective for many corporations, but only a few have actually managed to achieve it. A majority of businesses are still struggling to turn their accounts payable around due to gaps in knowledge and execution throughout the purchase-to-pay process.


E-invoicing developments in Europe

e-Invoicing is forever evolving and we want to help you stay in the loop. Our own Peppol and e-Invoicing expert Ahti Allikas has a regular blog and you can find them monthly on our Blog page.


Accounts Payable Automation - man vs machine

There are no shortages of examples how process automation can drive cost reduction through lowered headcount - but headcount reduction is not always possible, nor always the goal. In this webinar, we wanted to look at the ways in which digitalization can positively impact key stakeholders in the invoice handling process.

Let’s talk about Invoice Automation!


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