Our mission is to provide a source-to-pay solution that connects you with your suppliers, drives a digital business culture and supports growth.

Robert Saenger
Head of Source-to-Pay Solutions, OpusCapita


Buying a train ticket requires only a small amount of time but have you ever tried to buy an entire train? Likely not. Our customer, SBB actually has this challenge - which we solved with a little creativity and a world-class source-to-pay solution.


This 30 minutes is less an end-to-end demo and more a power demo where we include some of the more interesting use cases our customers are providing.
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"A reliable, well-functioning and highly automated purchase invoice process helps a CFO sleep at night."

Ville Kujansuu, CFO, Secto Automotive

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Source-to-Pay has become business critical

Today more than ever, the CFO, the CPO and even regular users agree that the source-to-pay has become a business critical business process. Whether your organisation needs to quickly react to changing requirements for personal protective equipment or your category managers need to scramble to address a supply-related risk or you just need to pay your invoices onetime to ensure you get the goods - source-to-pay just got real.

We understand. Your goals right now are a mix of survival plus accommodation of the new normal. What does the new normal look like for procure-to-pay? We know it starts with a fully digitalised process. We also know that a good process allows you to be agile within a controlled space. If this is aligned with your thinking, then it's time to start a conversation.

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Operational Procurement is your main value driver.


To drive value, we think you should work smarter, not harder.

Today, e-procurement needs to be smart. To do that, you need a system that operationally, supports a tactical approach. Strategic procurement is not gone, but in a world changing as rapidly as ours, we suggest an agile, tactical approach is a prerequisite for success. Whether it's the complicated stuff like MRO (materials, repair & operations) and services, or the simpler stuff like spot-buying to plug a gap in your supply line, we know you need to be able to move quickly, with confidence that your process is controlled. We go so far as to think we make it look easy (even when it's often pretty complex).

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You need to centralise!

If you haven't created a one-stop-shop to centralise all your supplier catalogs, that should be your focus. The shop is the key element of your operational procurement process and it pays to get it right. This includes a content strategy and tools for managing supplier information, automating the validation and approval of catalog content. Read our eBook: Content Strategies in e-Procurement, so you know what you're getting into.


Are you ready for services procurement?

Ordering services should be just as easy as ordering a product. But most organizations fail to realize that spend on services is increasing. Is your new system built to manage this complexity or is service procurement a secondary consideration? Our white paper: Solving Services Procurement, will help make sure you understand your options for managing this complex spend category.


Never start with AP!

This classic mistake is understandable. AP automation is the low-hanging fruit, but don't be fooled. Starting your project with AP will only create headaches when you move backwards to procurement. Don't get us wrong, AP automation is great - just get your operational procurement processes set up first. This recent blog does well to summarize the reasons why you should avoid this risky start.


Being informed reduces risk

In order to help our customers understand where the industry was going, we partnered with Procurecon to produced a benchmark report on indirect procurement in Europe. Make sure you understand the bigger trends in order to invest in the right source-to-pay solution for your needs.


Need some best practices?

By understanding the big picture of source-to-pay, we can help you avoid the hard lessons and instead, find only positive opportunities as a result of your efforts. This short report highlights the best practices necessary for source-to-pay excellence.


Are you too scared of MRO to change it?

We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and solved MRO. By leaving it out of your e-procurement transformation you are missing a huge opportunity for savings and creating a needless parallel process. Find out how companies like Maersk, Ramirent, and IBM have solved MRO with OpusCapita solutions.

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