Invoice Process Automation

Invoice processing that e-transitions you

AI-boosted accounts payable automation with visual workflow management to digitalize your invoice handling

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Invoice handling to the next level

Increase your AP productivity, shorten lead times and reduce errors by replacing manual work with highly sophisticated automation, optimized for high invoice volumes.

OpusCapita Invoice Process Automation is a SaaS solution for automating your invoice handling and managing your approval workflow with matching and postings. Coupled with Invoice Receiving, it allows you to centralize all your invoices into one system, ensuring systematic processing, and a significant increase in your invoice automation level, which you can further improve with artificial intelligence.

Our goal is simply to offer you the best possible invoice handling service with focused automation throughout the whole invoice circulation. Our world-class solution comes with scalability, seamless integration capabilities and a modern, responsive user interface. As invoice processing involves many roles in your organization from approvers to AP to CFO, our system provides smart and proactive use flows that are optimized for each role, including invoice approval on mobile.

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tick.png Invoice receiving as e-invoices, PDF and paper
tick.png Visual workflow management
tick.png High invoice volumes
tick.png Automated postings
tick.png Contract & order-based processing
tick.png 3-way matching

Dynamic & visual workflow

A visual approval workflow like never before! Transparency with clear processes for high automation and compliancy.


Versatile touchless automation

AP productivity and less manual work with a variety of matching options like PO matching, contract matching, and posting.


Guided, role-based use flows

Guided and optimized use for approvers, AP, CFO, even on mobile. Focused automation with scalability & integrations.

Our 3rd generation accounts payable automation

Work in a visual workflow

Enjoy working with a visual approval workflow like never before! See changes in the visualization immediately, making both editing and viewing easy. Couple that with clearly defined, standardized internal processes, and you ensure yourself a high degree of automation as well as compliancy with both internal policies and external legislation.

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Role-based use

Allow approvers, the accounts payable team, and the CFO, each enjoy the proactive, smart, and guided use flows optimized for their role.
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Compliancy & connectivity

Receive your e-invoices as well as PDF and paper invoices, enjoying superb connectivity and full compliancy with EN 16931, PEPPOL, and more.
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Endless automation possibilities

OpusCapita Invoice Process Automation allows you to automate manual routines in your invoice handling process, such as automating the approval flow or pre-setting default postings. In addition to the workflow, automation is based on rules on header or line-item level, or the posting dimensions. You can apply all the business rules you need, such as setting what data is required for which cost center, or defining approval thresholds, meaning who can approve how large bills.

For matching, you have versatile possibilities. 3-way matching can be done on the line-item level to compare the invoice to the purchase order or any other document according to the criteria you set. Also postings can automatically be filled in based on the matched data.

Recurring invoices are easily handled using contract matching. Contracts can be imported to the system and approved similarly to invoices. Invoices can then be automatically processed when the contract number, supplier, maximum amount and any other set criteria match.

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AI to invoice processing

Touchless invoice automation meets artificial intelligence

When you receive invoices - e-invoices, PDFs or paper - they're transferred to the Invoice Process Automation system. Once in, each invoice is automatically linked to the correct supplier, and the matching, approvals and postings take place based on the workflow and automation definitions of your company. This way, the great majority of the invoices you receive can automatically go to ledger without anyone having to manually handle them.

However, there are always invoices where automation can't be applied, and normally you'd have to process all of those manually. Here's where AI and machine learning come into play. The remaining invoices can be assigned for AI prediction using data such as the supplier, cost center, or approver, and brought to the Invoice Process Automation system. They then move on to the normal invoice workflow for manual approval, but it doesn't end there. The machine learning uses the manual approvals to train the AI algorithm, making the AI prediction work even better the next time you receive a similar invoice. Over time, this will significantly reduce your need for manual processing.

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