eProcurement – Hard Savings When Buying is Easy


eProcurement with OpusCapita delivers results to key stakeholders and key processes

Control, visibility and efficiency are key value metrics for all purchasing departments. Through effective implementation of sourcing, supplier information management and purchasing, we help organizations achieve measurable results.

Global competition has forced companies to constantly do more with less, and the search for cost savings and process efficiencies continues to be a driving focus. One area with measurable benefits is the automation of eProcurement processes including sourcing, procurement and invoice handling. Supplier engagement and management is another area that can benefit significantly from eProcurement.

OpusCapita eProcurement is your solution to realize the benefits of procurement automation. We provide an end-to-end cloud-based solution for automating:


eProcurement solution: Sourcing modules

OpusCapita eProcurement automates the sourcing process, decrease expenses, and provide buyers more opportunities to collaborate with suppliers throughout the early stages of sourcing through to contracting. It offers a portal to the supplier network, and supplier self-assessment and tender tools.

Supplier Information Manager module

The purchasing process starts with supplier selection. Instead of complex manual and error-prone processes, OpusCapita Supplier Information Manager provides various supplier management workflows pertaining to all aspects of buyer-supplier information exchange. For example, contracted suppliers are required to provide special pricing or confirmation of availability based on unique requirements including project procurement, volume-based buys, and three-bids spot buy requirements.

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Request for Quote module

The OpusCapita Request for Quote (RfQ) module enables you to quickly process price and availability enquiries. Tenders for large purchase projects can also be prepared using the simple and secure process. Supplier quoting includes the ability to define the scope of the supplier quote, identify the qualified suppliers, obtain quotes from these suppliers and finally award the scope to the selected supplier.

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eProcurement solution: Purchasing modules

Control and accounting of purchases results from a structured procurement process. The requisition management process ensures purchase authorization and accounting occurs prior to the purchase order release. Automation of purchase order generation as well as electronic delivery, ensure timely dispatch and acknowledgement of supplier purchase orders. Order Receipt documentation can occur as appropriate, either at the delivery dock, or at the desk of the requestor.

Online Product Catalog and Smart Forms modules

Online Product Catalog is what your employees will use to buy the products and services they need to get their jobs done. The catalog contains only pre-approved products from contracted suppliers. It features an intuitive user interface to make shopping as easy as in any B2C online store.

We also offer Smart Forms - intelligent forms that can be used for the procurement of personalized products - such as business cards - and service procurement for things like consulting, and maintenance & support. The use of Smart Forms helps to extend the scope of spend under management: customers who have deployed Smart Forms for these types of needs have seen over 60% increase in their spend under management for services and configurable products.

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Procurement Manager module

OpusCapita Procurement Manager makes accounting and approvals easier. It autofills the buyer’s information and can also load additional data based on what you are requisitioning. Notes to the approver or supplier can be added. And, once you press go, the requisition is automatically sent to the approver who can provide the approval from any computer or mobile device.

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eProcurement from OpusCapita enables key people in your purchasing process with the control, visibility and efficiency they need most. With OpusCapita eProcurement you gain cost savings, spend control and compliance.