Modern cash management solutions help corporates to manage all their financial bank-to-corporate and corporate-to-bank processes as well as internal payments in an efficient and centralized way. OpusCapita cash management solution is a global cloud service that connects to any bank and financial back office system. Our focus is in helping you mitigate risks and fraud, implement group-wide harmonized processes, boost automation, and gain full visibility and transparency on cash.

Consolidating payments and collections of large corporations into centrally managed treasuries is one of today’s key trends. A modern treasury needs payment and collection solutions that are built from the ground up to meet the best industry practices and standards. The recognized role of cash forecasting helps top performing companies’ finance and treasury organizations not only work more efficiently with cash, but to actually support their business by providing valuable cash flow analysis.

Payments And Cash Management

Cash Management Services

More than one thousand organizations rely on OpusCapita cloud based payment and cash management solutions that have end users in over 50 countries. We are proud to be one of very few companies globally to have been awarded the 2015 and 2016 SWIFT Certified Applications Corporate Cash Management labels for our cloud based solutions which guarantees that needs of any international companies can be met.

We at OpusCapita are firm believers in artificial intelligence and machine learning which can be used in several finance processes. For cash management we currently have programs in place to include machine learning (ML) based fraud and anomaly detection as well as cash flow forecasting based artificial intelligence (AI). Even though these areas are still under development we are more than happy to discuss why and how we believe that both AI as well as ML will deliver faster and more accurate cash management processes in the very near future.