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Enabling 100% digital Purchase-to-Pay

OpusCapita connectivity services integrate buyers, suppliers and other business partners through the OpusCapita Business Network. Through the network you can automate sending and receiving all types of electronic business documents, including e-invoices globally. Paper/pdf invoices are also digitized and merged into one common flow.

Business Network as a Service

The OpusCapita Business Network is a future-proof network that is actively developed together with EESPA, CEF, FeRD and PEPPOL communities.

Single connection to all your partners

The OpusCapita Business Network connects and integrates buyers, suppliers and other business partners much wider than any single network. Reach hundreds of thousands of potential business partners easily.

All standards and messaging types supported

OpusCapita Business Network supports any to any connectivity with all standards and messaging types supported. Exchange anything from purchase orders to invoices in various formats such as XML, EDIFACT or pdf.

Compliance ensured

Communicating through OpusCapita Business Network ensures that your company is compliant with local laws.

Receive and send all your invoices electronically

OpusCapita supplier activation accelerates e-invoicing in short time and digitizing services combine all types of invoices into one common e-invoice flow.

Network for all business partners

OpusCapita Business Network is not a closed one: all parties including buyers, suppliers and other partners can be easily onboarded.

High data security and identification

24/7 service desk monitors that everything goes as planned.

Our Business Network Solution

Send and receive e-invoices all over the world

OpusCapita’s e-invoicing service helps you to fully automate invoice processes within accounts receivable and accounts payable. Invoice digitizing with scan & capture combines all receiving channels of invoices into one common e-invoice flow. This standardizes the handling of pdf and paper invoices.

E-invoice receiving services include:

  • Receive e-invoices from business networks
  • Receive and digitize paper invoices (scan&capture)
  • Receive PDF invoices via email
  • Integrations and data format conversions
  • Visibility and process monitoring
  • E-archive

E-invoice sending services include:

  • Delivery to OpusCapita business network
  • Delivery to interoperability networks
  • Delivery to email
  • Visibility and process monitoring

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E-invoicing in figures (Billentis and EESPA 2016)

Business partner connectivity as a Service

Exchange orders, purchase orders, invoices and any other electronic business documents with all business partners. OpusCapita manages your business critical B2B supply chain needs from implementation, onboarding, mapping, translation, 24/7 monitoring to trading partner enablement.

The main services are:

  • Supplier integration
  • Customer integration
  • Logistic partner integration
  • Public authority integration

Exchanged documents and messages in business networks

Reach 100% digital business network

Whether it is a transition to e-invoicing or to introduce exchange of other electronic business documents with all your suppliers or customers, OpusCapita has proven tools, processes and methodologies to reach your goals.

B2B Onboarding services include:

  • Efficient and automated supplier onboarding process
  • Modern supplier self-service tools
  • Supplier training and collaboration
  • Supplier tracking, monitoring and support

Wide ecosystem with network partners

Interoperability is one of the cornerstones to guarantee the best reachability to our customers. OpusCapita has over 50 interoperability partners around the world and is actively developing the network further. OpusCapita is also a member of the European E-Invoicing Service Provider Association (EESPA) and contributes to the development of interoperability between service providers.

Maximum reachability is achieved with:

  • Interoperability network
  • PEPPOL network
  • Direct connections between business partners
  • OpusCapita supplier network

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Electronic document exchange network facilitates trade

Peppol is an interoperability infrastructure for exchanging e-invoices and business documents in Europe. Even though it was initially designed for Business-to-Government (B2G) traffic, it is getting more and more popular in Business-to-Business (B2B) communication as well.

Nowadays you can access more than 80,000 buyers and hundreds of thousands of suppliers across the Europe through the PEPPOL network. OpusCapita provides a certified international PEPPOL access point and takes care of the routing and handling of documents and transactional messages.

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