Extended Purchase-to-Pay with OpusCapita

Extended Purchase To Pay

Extended Purchase-to-Pay enables control, visibility and efficiency across sales & marketing, procurement, finance and treasury processes.

At OpusCapita we believe in driving alignment both internally and externally. Organizations today shouldn’t have to rely on silo’d processes or software. More and more we see opportunities to provide value by extending collaboration between customers and their suppliers, banks, public sector. Extending purchase-to-pay is all about realizing the value of entire supply chains or ecosystems working together.

As businesses search for growth, supply chains extend further, compliance costs rise and fraud risks increase, there is a greater need for collaboration and transparency with the partners who make your business possible.

Supplier Ecosystem

At OpusCapita, our vision of a Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem where optimized software, cloud and mobile technology and big data along with machine learning converge to offer supply chain professionals, accounting organizations and treasuries all over the world an integrated platform to collaborate with suppliers.

By having a company-wide view into the supplier order, invoicing and payment data, the enhanced decision-making capabilities help boost working capital optimization to the next level.