eSign – Digital signature

What is eSign?

eSign is a digital signature service that allows you to transform your business processes paperless. You will get higher quality to your data, better security and shorter lead time. eSign is an online service for digital signatures that allows you to include the functionality your business needs.

eSign helps you to:

  • manage web forms and document workflows in eSign web office
  • eSign documents digitally in physical offices or stores as well as online
  • manage both incoming and outgoing document flows
  • be flexible – you can use eSign for all document flows where signing is needed
  • integrate with a document/data system via API
  • Combined with a DMS (Document Management System), eSign will be a powerful tool for managing your document flows paperless. This is what Digital Disruption is about.

See our three minute demo of eSign now

Who will benefit from eSign - digital signature?

Your company as a whole will benefit from eSign. Any process that involves agreements, order forms, claims etc can be processed digitally.

The benefits of eSign are numerous:

  • If your processes are document heavy, eSign will help to streamline the flows
  • when integrated with data system (e.g. Document Manager), your Document flows can be automated
  • eSign can be used for both incoming and outgoing Document processes
  • eSign is a suitable solution for e.g. banks, insurance companies and energy sector
  • Supported signing methods: Nordic eID-s, SMS, Touch. OpusCapita team can help you to decide which method will support your needs best.
  • For your customers, eSign will always be free.
  • Instant ID: authenticate your customers on phone with any of the Nordic eID-s.

Based on your document processes, OpusCapita will help you to choose the subscription that suits your needs best:

  • Web automation: convert your existing PDF forms into web forms. Necessary fields can be filled in by your customer or prefilled from your data systems.
  • Company edition: use eSign web office to create errands from pre-set forms and manage errands.
  • Enterprise edition: use eSign web office for creating and managing errands from pre-set forms; use company branding.
  • It is possible to use eSign as a standalone service, or combine it with Document Manager or eArchive. It is also possible to integrate eSign with your data systems.
  • For using eSign, you will need to be able to receive errands via API or FTP.

eSign - digital signatures are available in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Go to your local site now: