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OpusCapita Sourcing automates the sourcing process, decrease expenses, and provides buyers more opportunities to collaborate with suppliers throughout the early stages of sourcing through to contracting. It offers a portal to the supplier network, and supplier self-assessment and tendering tools.


Modern sourcing for indirect goods and servicesModern sourcing for indirect goods and services


Our Sourcing Solutions

Easily exchange electronic business documents with your suppliers

The OpusCapita Supplier Portal - and related services for integrating suppliers - comprise a secure, fast and simple means for your purchasing department and your suppliers to exchange business documents. By smoothly integrating your suppliers into the supply chain, documents such as orders and delivery notes can be exchanged electronically.

OpusCapita integrates the document portal with your ERP system. We support various ERP systems, formats and technical protocols. As an SAP partner, we support all different SAP solutions. We take care of the integration and adapt document formats and contents in consultation with you.


Supplier Portal

Supplier document portal is where buyers and suppliers exchange critical documentation related to supplier onboarding and other business

Supplier enablement starts here

Supplier Information Manager manages all the key processes for supplier enablement. Suppliers are invited to submit an online application to become your supplier including all required information. Suppliers are reviewed against predefined criteria and (if selected) provided with the access they need to get started.

OpusCapita Supplier Information Manager also provides comprehensive supplier evaluation functionality, taking into account both the hard facts derived from the supplier’s self-managed profile and their order data, as well as, the soft facts available in completed supplier evaluation forms.

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Supplier Information Manager

Catalog Management for Purchasing

OpusCapita Self Service Manager provides companies with a powerful and extensive catalog management tool for all purchasing operations.

Supplier catalogs and contracts can be integrated in a secure environment either directly by the supplier or by the company using the catalog.

This solution enables the buying organization to define criteria that must be met by suppliers when uploading data into the catalog. This significantly reduces error rates, and improves data quality.

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Self-Service Manager

This future spend report shows current and potential spend with a given supplier

Quickly generate and compare quotes & manage complex tenders

The OpusCapita Request for Quote (RfQ) module enables you to quickly send, receive and process price and availability enquiries. Tenders for large procurement projects can also be prepared using the simple and secure process.

Generate enquiries and simultaneously send them to several suppliers - in just minutes. The selected suppliers can respond via the web interface. There, the buyer can compare offers to select the best one, and award the tender to the winner.

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The RfQ dashboard helps you quickly evaluate tenders against set KPIs and pick the right one

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