eProcurement for Shopping

Buy the things right

Extend your system-based requisition from goods to even complex services, and maximize the share of managed spend also in asset-intensive industries such as MRO.

Guided buying for goods and services

Let contracted suppliers easily upload & maintain their catalogs. Manage content flexibly and provide centralized requisitioning with correct suppliers and always correct purchasing data with minimized costs.

Compliancy for even complex needs

Manage even complex dependencies within a single webshop. Integrate to your suppliers, ERP, and invoice processing and gain compliancy to processes, contracts, cost center and posting rules, and more.

One-stop-shop with compliancy & control

Forget about the hassle caused by incorrect or missing data, and provide requisitioners with smooth guided buying.

Expansion from goods to services, simple to complex

Enjoy flexibility of configuration with data classification, enabling also business-critical MRO procurement.

Extensive backend integration possibilities

Benefit from seamless and secure integration to your ERP for a smooth end-to-end requisitioning process.


Structure to asset-intensive industries

Data quality ensured

The webshop securely guides requisitioners from searching and comparing items to selection and check-out, also in mobile. The easy-to-use online store experience includes all standard webshop capabilities, including a powerful search, recommendations, and related products or services. Further, the procurement department can adjust the webshop content very flexilbly, for example, by having sub-options change depending on a selection.

As a result, you get much more than an internal online store. You get a centralized method to collect highly valuable purchasing data from every requisition made in your organization.

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One-stop-shop with high flexibility

Fuss-free content management

Manage your catalog content with less effort thanks to easy upload & updating capabilities for suppliers, and quality assurance and data enrichment for buyer organizations.

Easy uploads for suppliers

Suppliers can import their catalog, exported e.g. from a PIM system, directly into eProcurement. In addition to uploading a completely new catalog, you can easily do partial updates to an existing one.

eProcurement supports all standard formats and handles all data-based catalogs with contracts, internal product catalogs, spreadsheets, and technically integrated catalogs.

Data validation and enrichment for buyers

To ensure supplier catalog quality, you can define your processing and validation criteria very flexibly. Moreover, you can make products easier to find by adding descriptions or keywords, before approving and activating the catalog.

Data classification and mappings also allow you to interlink products so that, for example, requisitioners can easily find the suitable spare parts that fit a precise model of a machine or equipment.

Full transparency

You can make use of visual dashboards for an overview of all ongoing processes as well as inspect the success of all catalog uploads on detailed upload reports.

Online requisition with compliance & control

Offer your requisitioners a system-based, centralized online store to minimize wild spend, ensure compliancy and fulfill the pre-requisites for an automated accounts payable process.

Intuitive search and smooth shopping

The webshop comes with both basic and advanced search by various criteria, including product categories, recommendations, and starred products. From found items, requisitioners can bookmark their favorites, share shopping lists and compare products.

The buyer organization can also guide the user experience in the webshop. For example, you can mark hazardous goods, or set volume or visibility restrictions for given products. Further, related items show what could or should be ordered matching to the selected product, information that can be provided either by the supplier or the procurement department.

Smart complexity management

Our webshop comes with very flexible configuration possibilities, serving also services procurement needs especially well. Services can be searched for and added to cart as items similarly to goods, based on, e.g. a supplier contract. The needed details for an order can be asked for directly in the webshop - say, by providing available machine type options depending on the selected job type. Similarly, you can show surcharges depending on given selections.

Full process integration

Once the items have been added to cart and completed with the purchaser information, the requisition moves seamlessly to approval and order management either within eProcurement or in your ERP. As everything from goods to services is ordered within the same solution, your requisitioners readily provide the purchasing data in the format and depth that is later on needed for your invoice processing and process optimization purposes.

Price & availability enquiries for contracted suppliers

Enable simple enquiries for quote, information, or availability within the same central webshop, also for complex services and ad hoc needs.

Quick creation of even special orders

You can create enquiries based on ready-made templates with pre-defined data. They can, for example, have pre-set suppliers for a given type of an enquiry, e.g. always ask for cleaning services from companies X, Y and Z. You can also add questionnaires to ask for more information from the suppliers regarding, for example, unique requirements, so that you're not limited to comparing only prices.

The flexibility of the enquiries make them ideal also for services procurement, and they come in handy also in case of unplanned ad-hoc orders.

Processing in the same webshop

The enquiries are sent to the selected suppliers via the webshop, and their replies are received in the same place, as well. The requisitioner can see all the supplier replies, and select the best offers for a closer comparison.

The selected offer can simply be added to the webshop cart and processed in your requisitioning workflow the same way as all other requisitions.

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