eProcurement for Ordering

Buy the things right

End-to-end operational procurement that leaves a digital purchasing data trail.

Approvals to orders to delivery

Manage the full procurement process, combining the supplier catalog data, approval workflows, order and delivery process, and financial data, topped with a great user experience for your procurement team.

Data-driven process optimization

With direct linkage to your ERP system and the suppliers, track each step of the process for even the complex services needs, enabling later analysis & optimization.

Process optimization to manage complexity

Manage all the steps in the procurement process reliably and flexibly, even for business-critical MRO.

Compliancy to any legal or process needs

Align to internal processes, contracts, cost center & posting rules, and more, thanks to the system flexibility and high maturity.

Smooth ERP & supplier integrations

Benefit from seamless and secure data flows and an effortless supply chain document exchange.

Always correct data


Ensuring simple, secure and accurate purchasing, OpusCapita eProcurement supports each step in your procurement process in an auditable way. By linking requisition from supplier catalogs to approvals and orders, you cover all your procurement in a single system and transfer always accurate purchasing data to your ERP with a fast and smooth integration.

Easy-to-use user interface is guaranteed to be loved by your procurement team. Your approvals will flow in a controlled manner facilitated by background automation, and your orders get executed directly from eProcurement, considerably reducing your procurement costs.

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Linking catalogs to procurement

Bridging the requisition and procurement processes

Approval workflows allow managing all the steps in the requisition and approval process. They combine the supplier catalog and product data both to your financial data, such as cost centers, as well as to your organizational structures. This ensures your approvals are carried out adhering to your corporate approval guidelines.

Complexity management

Our solution handles even challenging processes, such as multi-level approval workflows, or complex procurement categories, such as temporary labor leasing, in an auditable and compliant way. Services, special requirements, and configurable products are handled the same as catalog items.

Configurable approval workflows

Approval workflows define how requisitions are approved, rejected or edited before they move to ordering. We offer different types of approval flows, and our default, best-practice flows can flexibly be adapted to your specific needs so that they seamlessly map into your company processes.

Mobile access

Approvals can also be made with tablets and smartphones, speeding up your approval process especially in situations where delays could get costly.

Linking the process, data, and documents

Send orders and let suppliers accept, partially accept, or reject them in seamless linkage to catalogs and requisition approvals, considerably reducing your procurement costs.

Handling even special needs

The system allows setting and transferring all data that is needed later on, e.g. in invoice processing. For example, the support for various cost objects, such as cost centers, internal orders, and WBS elements can be used for processing orders in your accounting system, say, to streamline cost center splitting.

In addition, it's possible to place orders for others on "their behalf" or "by proxy". This enables, for example, processing orders for field staff without delay, and it's also very useful in case of absences.

Direct ERP integration

After approval, eProcurement automatically creates the related purchase order or service order. You see the status of all your orders throughout the ordering process, bringing full transparency - at all times.

To ensure smooth data flow at your end, we integrate to various ERPs through various protocols very flexibly, and our high-performance transfer ensures that the master data you use is always accurate and up-to-date.

Order and order response exchange

Orders are automatically sent to the supplier via eProcurement, or, if you wish with your big suppliers, directly to the supplier ERP. You receive back the supplier's order response into eProcurement and your ERP - all according to your requirements.

When the document exchange is done via OpusCapita, you have multiple options from simple PDFs in emails to 100% digital P2P Messaging in OpusCapita Business Network, with a wealth of format and routing options.

Catalogs meet invoices

Exchange goods receipts (also called ASN) or service entries, and invoices between your purchasing department and suppliers in a secure, fast, and simple manner.

Acknowledgement and rejection management

Deliveries can be accepted or rejected easily, in full linkage to the products or services in the catalog. For services procurement, for example, you can set thresholds for how many hours are included in the order, and any exceeding to that is highlighted in the service entry to provide clear visibility.

Goods receipts and service entries can be received via OpusCapita or your ERP, similarly to order responses. When done via OpusCapita, options range from simple PDFs in emails to 100% digital P2P Messaging in OpusCapita Business Network, with a wealth of format and routing options.

Invoice exchange

If the supplier uses the OpusCapita portal, they can easily PO flip the order into an e-invoice, which you receive via the pre-defined channel.

Further, with OpusCapita Business Network, you can combine all your purchase invoices from all channels and formats into one, digital flow, by making use of the extensive invoice receiving and process automation services.

Lower costs, higher efficiency

Digitalizing the full purchase-to-pay flow brings you significant savings in the form of efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, our easy-to-use tools and consultation when needed minimize the need for internal IT support or special projects to onboard all your suppliers. In fact, the smallest suppliers can onboard for free.

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