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Simplicity even to complexity

Advanced requisition management that adapts to your needs. Use our catalog as a back-end engine embedded into your ERP webshop, or, combine our intuitive B2C-like webshop with your ERP procurement module, or run the entire operational procurement process synchronized between your ERP and OpusCapita, gaining end-to-end control and full alignment with your internal accounting practices. Our solutions are designed for bringing simplicity even to complex business processes such as services or MRO (materials, repair and operations).

This is our eProcurement solution


eProcurement from OpusCapita

eProcurement from OpusCapita offers a suite of solutions that support your procurement teams with sourcing, supplier engagement and operational procurement. A data-centric approach to supplier information management creates a strong base from which to create great processes. Suppliers have many self-service tools to maintain their information - which helps ensure purchasing policy is compliant. Operationally, we help you centralize all your purchasing through the shop - seamlessly utilizing supplier catalogs, punchout catalogs, 3rd party marketplaces (which we connect to via API) or smart forms. We are especially good at complex purchasing categories like services or MRO (materials, repair and operations).

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One process, one platform

eProcurement from OpusCapita is a core element of OpusCapita Source-to-Pay. With OpusCapita, you have a unified cloud-based platform delivering sourcing, procurement and accounts payable with full connectivity to your trading partners through the OpusCapita Business Network.



The OpusCapita Business Network is a modern network that is actively developed together with EESPA, CEF, FeRD and PEPPOL communities. It connects and integrates buyers, suppliers and other business partners much wider than any single network. Reach over a million of potential business partners easily. Our 24/7 service desk makes sure that everything goes as planned.

Create a one-stop-shop and centralize your global procurement processes

What most employees will notice first is the Shop. Our experiences as personal consumers makes our expectations for a functional and intuitive user experience pretty high. Thankfully, our Online Product Catalog (the Shop) follows the most common best practices in the B2C space. Once there, subtle, guided buying (as decided by Category Managers) helps to promote specific items, key suppliers, kits & bundles, etc. The point is – procurement pros can control the full process and the requisitioners just get an efficient and informative experience.

Fully responsive system design ensures your people can access your catalog and make orders while on the move via their smartphone or tablet. Business never stops, why should you?

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Materials, Repair and Operations
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Online Product catalog

Manage all your catalog data from all your suppliers and third-party marketplaces in a one-stop-shop. With OpusCapita, you can automate the full submission, validation and approval of supplier catalogs - only getting involved when the system alerts you to new products or prices.


Services Procurement

Services procurement is on the rise in every industry. Make sure you don't ignore this challenging spend category and instead, tackle it head-on with tools and best practices from OpusCapita.

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Buyer Tools

Manage the full e-procurement process with tools for guiding buying behavior, splitting or bundling requisitions and managing spot buying with mini RFPs.


Find out the potential savings your procurement department could generate

OpusCapita has developed this interactive E-procurement Savings Calculator to help professionals understand the potential savings your procurement department could generate.


Procurement is the key driver for transformation

Procurement is the secret sauce to making this transformative journey happen and this is why it needs to be a core part of any company’s transformation journey.


How to tackle service procurement challenges

Services procurement is consistently one of the biggest challenges for any procurement organization because of so many elements of the service itself, the delivery and receiving.


Procurement in the Nordics 2020

With globalization, disruptive technology and opportunities only becoming available with increasing digitalization, the age-old mantra of the Procurement function is changing.

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