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Advanced guided buying for goods and services,
ideal for business-critical MRO and asset-intensive industries

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Handle Even the Complexity

OpusCapita eProcurement is a cloud-based solution for smooth catalog management, requisition and operational procurement, supporting you in all situations from the daily purchasing to the unexpected needs.

Ideal for business-critical MRO

Our capabilities for managing complex dependencies for both goods and services provide a smooth webshop experience for requisitioners while ensuring data correctness even for high-security and asset-intensive industries.

A solution that adapts to your needs

eProcurement for Shopping can be used either as a webshop or as a pure catalog engine embedded into your ERP using OCI. Further, you can run the full operational procurement process either within eProcurement for Ordering, or your ERP.


Both routine and ad hoc requisition

Manage all purchasing from back office to the front line, from the daily to the unexpected needs - all within a single, highly flexible requisition source.

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Easy buying within frame agreements

Centralize requisition into a one-stop-shop with contracted suppliers and a smooth & controlled shopping experience, creating end-to-end efficiency.

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Transparency with always correct data

Benefit from extensive & secure integrations to your suppliers, ERP, and invoice processing, leveraging data enrichment and enabling more with quality data.

Standard solution with adaptability

OpusCapita has decades of experience in digitalizing the two-way communication between buyers & suppliers, helping you centralize your processes for lower costs & higher accuracy.

Our Solutions

For Shopping

System-based guided buying extended from goods to even complex services for maximizing the share of managed spend

For Ordering

End-to-end procurement process management that leaves an integrated purchasing data trail and supports process optimization

Invoice Process Automation

Replace manual invoice handling with accounts payable automation for faster processing, lower transaction costs, and higher accuracy

Data-driven flexibility

Centralized one-stop-shop for all goods and services

Whether it's for material procurement such as ordering spare parts or work uniforms, non-critical services such as premises cleaning, or business-critical, complex services such as urgent repair work for industry-specific machinery, we've got you covered. Shall we discuss your specific needs?

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Business-critical procurement

Source-to-pay has become a critical business process, for which you need a solution that connects you with your suppliers, drives a digital business culture, and supports growth.


Asset-intensive MRO procurement

OpusCapita is a leading provider of procurement solutions for MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations), offering unique capabilities along with tangible domain experience for asset-intensive industries.

”We feel very well supported in our efforts to reduce bureaucracy and to improve the usability of the solution for employees."

Anton Bruckner, ÖBB

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