What is connect?

Connect is a communication tool where you are in the driver’s seat, ensuring that your customers receive relevant communication in the channel they prefer, on paper, via email, in the online bank or in portals.

You can utilize Connect to gain increased loyalty and increased sales. Connect enables you to make your customer communication more relevant and effective. Choose the module that corresponds best to your needs.

Connect Basic – add an attachment, even last minute, to your normal communication flow, e.g. the monthly invoicing. The same attachment will be added to all recipients at the next production run.

Connect Basic Plus – your attachments can be segmented towards different target groups = your communication is always relevant and based on your customers’ preferences.

Connect Premium – with Dynamic content area. In this module you can segment the banner content on the carrier document. E.g. highlight important information for a specific target group of an information letter or answer frequently asked questions received by customer service directly on the invoice. Attachments can also be segmented just as in the Basic Plus module. In the Premium version of Connect you can also combine messages on the carrier document with extra information in the attachment.

Dynamic content area – Create and place your communication anywhere you see fit on the carrier document. This feature offers you a flexible way of communicating where you are in control. Choose size, shape and placement freely.

Connect the flexible communication tool designed so that you have full control and access to needed information at all times

  • Communication is flooding us as end-customers, in all channels. The more relevant the message is, the bigger chance you have that the end-customer pays attention to your message, and if you are utilizing the preferred channel the notification rate increases significantly
  • Regardless in with branch you are, things happen fast on the market – and the faster time to market you have with your new services, changed conditions or improved customer service the bigger impact it will have. With Connect you are able to send out information and marketing messages, even at the last minute, together with existing production flow. Connect supports all available* channels and in the Premium version of the tool you can add segmented banners on the carrier document as well as attachments.
  • Connect is a flexible tool where you are in control of how to do the segmentation, either via uploaded target lists and via rule setting based on the production data
  • In the user interface you can see which material is run to which customers either by checking the connections list, time line or summary view.
    • The time line view gives you a visual of planned activities from an overview perspective whilst the summary view can show you exactly what a specific target group will receive during the next production run
    • You can freely decide if you want to have one or several areas where you place your different banners on one or several pages of the carrier document.
    • Connect keeps track of all uploaded material whether it is banners, attachments or target lists and you can always keep track of who did what and when by utilizing the log.
    • All in all Connect has a user-friendly interface which will give you flexibility, time to market and most importantly increased customer loyalty by communicating relevantly with your customers in the channels they prefer.

Fact sheet:

Connect gives the possibility of utilizing the following channels:

  • Print
  • Email
  • eInvoice
  • Portals