Supply Chain Finance Solution

Optimize your working capital

With the help of Supply Chain Finance programs, companies can unify their payment terms and in return, offer their suppliers a cost efficient way to finance their receivables. The outcome is not only optimizing the working capital and decreasing the need for external funding but also reducing Supplier risk.

Our Supply Chain Finance Solution

Harmonize payment terms and reduce supplier risk

Reverse Factoring is a buyer-led initiative where the buyer’s good credit rating is utilized for favorable financing for the suppliers. Buyers can make use of longer payment terms and, in return, offer their suppliers a cost efficient way to finance their receivables and gain immediate inflow of liquidity.

The outcome is not only optimizing the working capital and decreasing the need for external funding, but also reducing Supplier risk. Through the use of a technology platform and a third-party funders it offers mutual benefits for both trading partners.

The suppliers are usually located in several countries, invoicing with multiple different currencies across various jurisdictions. Reverse Factoring arrangements will last for many years while banking relationships might change. This creates a need for a bank-independent, flexible and scalable solution which works with multiple funders (bank & non-bank funding sources) covering the different jurisdictions.

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Maximize yield on your existing liquidity

Because of today’s low interest rate environment, Dynamic Discounting is a good way to generate risk free returns that are far greater than other short-term investments provide.

Dynamic Discounting is an arrangement between a buyer and supplier where the payment of an accepted invoice is made early in return for a discount. The Dynamic part refers to the ability to vary the discount calculated on a sliding scale according to the date of early payment.

With OpusCapita, you can set up a dynamic discount program where you can invest the excess cash, capture discounts with each early payment and boost your supplier's liquidity at the same time. This results in a better buyer-supplier relationship and improves working capital optimization for both parties.

Supply Chain Finance Solution

Efficient onboarding yields better working capital optimization

Addressing suppliers effectively is one of the most important elements of a successful Supply Chain Financing program. The onboarding of suppliers is a comprehensive, sometimes complex program that requires careful planning and solid execution.

Our solution offers a multi-channel and highly automated onboarding process meaning that we can onboard the long tail of suppliers which can have 5x the working capital effect over traditional programs which focus only on the largest suppliers.

We have a targeted outreach program for suppliers which includes registration and collection of required KYC information. We also educate suppliers on the financial benefits of supply chain finance and dynamic discounting via various tools including case studies and a benefits calculator.

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Supply Chain Finance Solution

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