Liquidity Management Solution

Forecasting made easy

Strong liquidity management allows you to automate the preparation and reconciliation of your company’s daily cash position. With highly customizable and easy to use reporting  you can increase your forecasting accuracy and have tighter cash controls.

Our Liquidity Management Solution

Cash Visibility

Imagine that all balances for all your bank accounts globally are up-to-date when you arrive to work in the morning. We use the latest web-technologies for a modern and intuitive user experience. Our dashboards enable you to easily manage missing statements or get a quick overview of your cash position in certain banks, business divisions, companies or bank accounts.

With our flexible reporting tool, you can build reports to meet your needs. For example, you can create, with our hierarchy-settings design, your own structures of bank accounts, cash-pools and mix of companies to enable a fully customized visualization of cash positions.

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Cash Visibility

Forecast Automation

Our forecasting module provides accurate, reliable and automated forecasts for hundreds of global organizations. Our responsive and intuitive dashboards provide instant insights for Treasury where the cash is heading in a particular cash-pool, currency or company or  if someone missed the reporting deadline.

Define your forecasting process and let the system guide your users, send reminders and update the forecasting status. Increase your forecasting accuracy by allowing business units and subsidiaries to enter manual cash flows directly into the system,

Integration to ERP and other systems allow you to automatically import future cash flows, such as confirmed orders as well as accounts payables and receivables. We support freezing of forecast materials, simulations and forecast vs actuals-reporting together with state-of-the art reporting for forecast analysis.

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Forecast Automation


Forecasting Accuracy

The key to successful cash forecasting is following up and communicating the accuracy of forecasts. Giving feedback to subsidiaries about their accuracy should be easy and effortless. Our cash forecasting dashboards  provide you with an aggregated view for making informed decisions about liquidity and FX. At the same time, local entities can obtain insights about their own accuracy on a bank account or company level.

Our out-of-the-box forecast reports can be designed to take bank account data into use and plot it against the forecast. Measuring inflows separately from outflows is another useful way to improve forecasting. OpusCapita also supports imports from ERP’s for detailed follow-up analysis and freezing of cash flow material for advanced analysis of different forecasting periods.

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