Liquidity Management Solution

Forecasting made easy

Strong liquidity management allows you to automate the preparation and reconciliation of your company’s daily cash position. With highly customizable and easy to use reporting  you can increase your forecasting accuracy and have tighter cash controls.

Our Liquidity Management Solution

Improved visibility drives more accurate forecasts

Visibility over your global cash positions allows you to better plan your liquidity and reduce your credit facilities, account overdrafts and external funding.

Once you have defined your forecasting process, the system will guide users, send reminders and update you on the forecasting status.  Business units and subsidiaries can enter manual payments directly into the system, thereby reducing the rate of errors and increasing forecasting accuracy.

Integration to ERP, TMS, invoice workflow, data warehouse and other systems ensures data is collected automatically, reducing the chance for errors.

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Liquidity Management - cash management solution

Delivering insights you need to make decisions

Understand your current and future cash position with flexible filtering, aggregating and grouping, analysing different time periods as well as viewing as a grid or a graph. You can use ready made report templates or create your own and even drill down to individual transactions.

Easily analyze actuals vs forecasts and review historical forecasts for accuracy.  You can even set up KPI’s to follow where the best forecasts are coming from and look to implement best practices within your group processes.

Create scenarios to understand the impact on your cash flows and future cash balances.  Understanding what a 10% miss in the sales targets means could help you better protect your liquidity position.

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Liquidity Management - cash management solution

Easily manage your FX risks centrally

By netting the internal trading flows and making a single payment to subsidiaries, you can greatly reduce the amount of FX transaction costs and exposure.

Netting the payments allows the Group to track intercompany exposures effectively and manage FX risks centrally.

With flexible settlement, you can decide to run settlements daily, weekly, or monthly based on the time period which fits your process best.

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Liquidity Management - cash management solution

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