Collection Management Solution

Control your global cash flows

Centralizing the collection of account reporting and receivables at a group level can have a formidable impact on the working capital management of the entire organization. This frees up excess liquidity and reduces the need for costly external funding.

Our Collection Management Solution

Handle multiple processes with one solution

Easily handle multiple matching processes in the same system. Define the processes based on your company’s needs instead of your ERP’s terms. Enable collaboration between Accounts Receivable and different parts of the business in a shared process.

Not only can high rates of automation within the matching process be achieved, but users are also guided through the manual phases to achieve the efficient handling of manual transactions.

Global matching process

Uncover trapped cash and automatically track exceptions

With reliable balance monitoring and analysis you can find and release trapped cash for investment.

Set up rules to efficiently and automatically track exceptions in your flows, such as unnecessary currency transactions which can have a clear impact on your FX loss management.

All balances for all of your accounts globally are up-to-date when you arrive to work in the morning. With our dashboards you easily manage exceptions, such as missing or late arrivals, empty statements and bank holidays.

Balance tracking

Increase your control with advanced automation

By automating your reconciliation of bank transactions to your General Ledger, you can reduce the instances of fraud that can occur when this process is manual.

While all outgoing Accounts Payable-driven payments can be automatically reconciled, manually made payments can follow the same routine with enriched notes and postings allowing for stricter control and visibility over the process.

For Accounts Receivable flows, you can correct and enrich creditor reference data to achieve full matching automatically. All cash bookings can be automated via rules to General Ledger.

Handle manual payments

Rules-based archiving and enrichment of bank statement data leads to higher rates of automation

Bank statements can be automatically backed up and archived using routine rules. All statements, archived or active, are accessible in real-time all the time. This makes working with historical data efficient, even in global environments.

Banks don’t  always offer material that is accurate enough for efficient automation. Within OpusCapita matching, you can enrich your transactions with additional data. This increases the auto matching percentage and reduces manual searching for additional information from several different systems.

Archiving statements

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