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cash management

Our secure, cloud-based solution enables Treasury and Finance professionals to harmonize global processes, centralize Treasury management, reduce complexity and bring full visibility to cash positions.

Proactive Cash Management

An average cash management process could be hurting your company's financial health. Find out what proactive cash management can do for you.

Reduce Fraud

Reduce the risk of payment fraud by harmonizing, standardizing, and automating your payments process.

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Manage Liquidity

Understand your daily cash position, create better cash forecasts and allow your excess liquidity to work harder for you.

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Release Working Capital

Free up working capital by extending payment terms or offering early cash discounts to suppliers.

Centralize and Harmonize Treasury Operations

Decrease your banking costs and cover your internal financing needs more efficiently while gaining the visibility and control that comes with a centralized Treasury.

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Centralize Receivables

Further optimize your working capital by centralizing account reporting and receivables at the group level.

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Global Bank Connectivity

Easily integrate all of your banks to any financial back office system while gaining access to over 11 000 financial institutions globally.

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Our Cash Management Solution

Advanced automation for your receivables

Collection Management offers advanced posting, allocation and matching functions to automate bank account reconciliation into your general ledger and accounts receivable systems. It is a single tool which handles multiple matching processes and all receivables transactions.

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Collection Management

Visibility over your global cash flows

By having clear visibility you can achieve reliable forecasts which help support financial decision making within the group. OpusCapita Liquidity is the hub where all financial data is collected, routine tasks are automated and liquidity positions are forecast and reported.

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Liquidity Management

Secure global payments

Payments offers a secure solution to control all incoming and outgoing transactions allowing you to limit and block payments via rules, powerful user rights management and multi-factor authentication.

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Payment Management

Bank Connectivity

Bank Connectivity offers a secure and flexible way to connect with over 10 800 banks and financial institutions around the world. With OpusCapita you are securely connected to our cloud service that provides a scalable and flexible turnkey solution for reaching nearly any bank globally.

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Bank Connectivity

In-House Bank

In-house bank is a cloud based solution where Treasury can offer subsidiaries banking services under its own terms, removing the need for external banks and separate bank accounts for the units while lowering overall banking costs.  

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In-house banking

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