Track & Trace, Reporting and Archiving


Ultimate visibility

Complimentary tools to all Business Network solutions, the monitoring and storage tools offer all you need for keeping track of your document exchange.

See all that happens

We offer the best real-time tools for daily use. Anyone who needs access in your company can easily see all that is sent, received, rejected, or accepted, bringing clarity to any problem situations. For long-term storage, the transactions can be moved to the arcive.

Gain smart insights

With our powerful reporting tools, you gain insights to your document flow, formats, and channels, and can analyze and optimize your performance.




Ultimate visibility in real time

Enjoy full transparency to everything that happens in the network, including a visual transaction event follow-up.

One flow for all invoices and other transactions

Monitor in full transparency all that's been sent, received, processed, or rejected, with Track & Trace.

Access for everyone who needs it

Grant Track & Trace access for anyone in your company, e.g. customer service, to replace expensive ERP license costs.



Best-in-breed Track & Trace

OpusCapita Track & Trace

See both details & the overview

Discover the meaning of easy transaction follow-up in a real-time, transparent view to all that's been recently sent and received - whether it's e-invoices, PDF or paper invoices, or other supply chain documents, such as purchase orders - and share it with anyone in your organization without extra cost.

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Monitor, analyze, store

Best-in-breed tool for daily visibility

Loved by just about everyone, Track & Trace is the cherry on the top in our Business Network offering. It provides you with both a network event overview and details related to each transaction, all in real time.

Powerful search

You can search among all supply chain document types that you exchange via Business Network. Available search criteria include transaction status, sender, receiver, free text, and more.

Visual view to details

In Track & Trace, you can easily select the level of detail you see for each exchanged document. Shown details include process date and time and all events related to the transaction. Visual presentation of the detailed events timeline is especially useful in case of any error situations, helping spot the error precicely.

If ever needed, there's also a simple way to download the actual processed files (the incoming files, the OpusCapita process files, and the delivered files).

The transaction data is available in Track & Trace for 90 days.

Reporting refines the Invoice Receving and P2P Messaging data from Track & Trace, enabling analysis and performance optimization of your document exchange.

Optimize to boost digitalization

You have various reports in your use, including basic report to see your transactions in total and a report per supplier. The report per channel for monitoring the paper - PDF - e-invoice division is especially valuable if you have the Invoice Receiving Digitizing service in use, as it allows you to track how your e-transition is progressing and how much of your invoices still get received as paper or PDF.

Invoice Archive is an add-on for storing processed invoices for a preferred period of time, typically for 7-10 years.

All essential invoice data stored

The Archive stores data needed for book-keeping, audits, etc. for each invoice. You can search for archived invoices with easy and powerful search tools, with various search criteria options such as invoice number or a time frame.


  • Transaction ID
  • Invoice number
  • Sender & receiver
  • Processed files
  • Transaction history


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