Supplier Onboarding


All suppliers invited

More and more organizations want to receive purchase orders and invoices in a compliant, electronic format, to enable invoice automation and PO matching with all suppliers - even the small ones. This is what our free supplier tools are for.

Easy invitation tools for buyers

Buyers can invite all their suppliers to join, campaigning either as a self-service with our extensive tools or as a service from the OpusCapita onboarding team.

Free e-invoicing for suppliers

Suppliers can easily register and start to receive and reply to purchase orders, and send invoices in an electronic format in our easy-to-use, free tools.





Connect to even the smallest suppliers

Buyers can invite suppliers without billing software to to receive and respond to orders and to send invoices for free.

Basic digital capability for free

Suppliers can receive orders and send invoices in an electronic & compliant format with easy-to-use tools.

Legal & process compliancy

Meet the requirements set by process needs or legal compliancy such as PEPPOL or the EU standard EN16931.





For buyers: Invite your small suppliers

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To help you receive as many invoices as possible in e-invoice formats, Supplier Onboarding allows involving even those suppliers that don't have a billing system.

Connect all suppliers to the electronic exchange

With the free tools, registered suppliers can easily receive and respond to orders created directly from your ERP data via your existing Business Network connection.

The supplier receives your order in their Business Network Portal, and can reject, partially confirm or fully confirm it. The response comes back to your ERP as usual, and you can exchange goods receipts and despatch advices as with larger suppliers. Finally, the supplier is able to send you a compliant e-invoice.


Enable matching automation

Promoting electronic document exchange from orders to e-invoices ultimately enables end-to-end digitalization and automation for both parties. Our goal is to create a network effect where all businesses from small to large can exchange supply chain documents digitally.

This means that first, paper and PDF invoices get changed to e-invoices with all suppliers. But further, whenever there's an invoice, there's usually also a purchase order to match it. Proper references to the POs in all invoices are crucial to enable your full invoice automation.

This is why we offer campaigning to invite even the small suppliers - to go 100% digital.


Business Network Portal has complimentary, extensive tools for promoting free e-invoicing and order processing tools all your suppliers.

Create campaigns

You can create scheduled campaigns with invitation emails and landing pages adjusted to your specific needs and branded with your company look & feel.

Monitor campaign success

Real-time campaign statistics show the amount of email opens and bounces, landing page visits, and supplier registrations, and allow sending reminders.

Onboarding campaigns can also be done as a service by the professional OpusCapita onboarding team.

The work then starts by carefully planning the campaign objectives, scope, and schedule together. Once defined, the team builds the campaign in Business Network Portal, creating the emails and landing page, analyzing the target groups and collecting the recipient segments, and preparing information for your internal communications.

Once the campaign is running, the team takes care of email sending and monthly reporting back to you. Campaign results are analyzed for optimization and next steps are decided on together.


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For small suppliers: Free tools for orders & invoicing

See it on 1-min video: Flip orders to e-invoices >>

Electronic order and invoice exchange for free

If you need to receive and respond to purchase orders and send invoices in an electronic format, but can't invest in billing software, this is for you; OpusCapita Supplier Onboarding offers easy-to-use, free tools for invoice key-in and PO flip.

Easy registration

Once you receive an invitation from a buyer organization, you can easily register following a simple sign-up process. Getting started with the tools is very straightforward - you'll be receiving orders and PO flipping them to invoices in no time. And if you ever need assistance, our OpusCapita support team is at your service.

Connection to all your buyers

Once registered, you can start to search for more of your buyers in the network. Find all your buyer organizations, connect to them with a single click, and forget about paper or email-based orders and invoicing.

Compliancy to business requirements

By gaining digital capability, you become compliant to the requests from your buyers for handling orders and sending invoices electronically. Often, large and mid-sized organizations today require compliancy, for example, with the EU standard EN16931 on e-invoicing, or their purchase process requirements.

Sales orders

Suppliers without an ordering system such as an ERP connection, can receive and respond to purchase orders from buyer organizations via OpusCapita Business Network.

Our free supplier tools allow:

  • Receiving purchase orders and responding to them
  • Sending despatch advices
  • Receiving goods receipts
  • Flipping purchase orders into e-invoices

All that's needed is a connection to the buyer in the Business Network Portal. After that, the buyer can place an order in their integrated ERP, and it shows for the supplier directly in the Business Network Portal.

Sales Invoices

Suppliers without an invoicing system can create and send electronic invoices to buyer organizations via OpusCapita Business Network.

Create invoices from orders

You can create invoices directly from purchase orders with an easy PO flip. This brings data from the order directly to the invoice, including supplier and buyer information, automatically generated invoice number and reference number, and automatically calculated VAT. The PO flip also changes the order status to invoiced.

Create invoices manually

When there is no related order, you can create invoices with an easy invoice key-in, where you simply type in the needed invoice information.




Do more with Business Network

The free supplier tools and the onboard campaigning tools are a part of the OpusCapita Business Network offering, which keeps expanding in two terms:

  • Extending digitalization from e-invoices to orders, receipts, and more
  • Connecting more and more of buyers and suppliers for digital document exchange

Ultimately, our goal with digitalization is to minimize manual work and enable full matching automation of all supply chain documents. With our Invoice Process Automation, you can readily automate the handling of up to 95% of the invoices you receive.

OpusCapita has decades of experience in building end-to-end supply chain document flows in all channels and formats. With the document exchange just flows reliably on the background, you can focus on what's essential for you - your business.

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