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Peppol is an interoperability infrastructure for exchanging e-invoices, e-orders, electronic credit notes and advanced shipping notifications and other business documents in Europe.

Peppol is an acronym for Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine and is co-funded by the European Commission and 18 government agencies. Even though it was initially designed for Business-to-Government (B2G) traffic, it is getting more and more popular in Business-to-Business (B2B) communication as well. Nowadays you can access more than 80,000 buyers and hundreds of thousands of suppliers across the Europe through the PEPPOL network.

OpusCapita provides a certified international PEPPOL access point and takes care of the routing and handling of documents and transactional messages.


Our PEPPOL Network Solution

PEPPOL standard enables cross-border e-invoicing and e-procurement

The Peppol network is an open, many-to-many platform, with standardization on all three necessary levels:
1. addressing and routing of the messages
2. document specifications and
3. network infrastructure

Maximum reachability

Today there are nearly 160 access points (service providers) in the Peppol network. By connecting to any of the Peppol-compliant service providers, like OpusCapita, you can reach all the other access points and their respective customers, whether it is a company in Norway, a public sector entity in Austria, or an organization in the healthcare sector in UK.

Necessary for B2B communication

Peppol started out as a Pan-European procurement infrastructure, but also facilitates  B2B communication. And, while  Peppol was initiated by the public sector, it has gained popularity also among private companies.

Extending to supply chain communication

Even though most of the Peppol traffic comes from e-invoices today, Peppol supports other supply chain documents such as orders, catalogs, dispatch advices and different response messages as well.

Many European countries will require Peppol-compliant purchase-to-pay in the coming years.

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PEPPOL for B2B and B2G

Exchange catalogs, orders, dispatch advices and invoices
between buyers and suppliers

OpusCapita is a certified PEPPOL Access Point

OpusCapita delivers access point services with high availability, and low down-time.

Integrate and automate

Through PEPPOL, OpusCapita can expand your opportunities to sell, buy and pay efficiently in the European market, and integrate automation into purchase-to-pay chains. 

Member of OpenPeppol

OpusCapita is an active member of the OpenPeppol association, and contributes to the development of industry standards. Our representatives are leading Peppol development projects, and are members of the Peppol organisational bodies.

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PEPPOL access point

OpusCapita supports all PEPPOL profiles and countries

Peppol has authorities in 8 different countries:

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, UK healthcare, Poland, Italy, Belgium

PEPPOL is an international standard, but the implementations differ slightly by country. OpusCapita has the expertise to support your activities in all the countries by taking care of the needed formats and conversions.

All formats supported

Different countries and industries support slightly different message types and formats. OpusCapita supports all PEPPOL formats including native and national specific subsets, for example:

  • EHF in Norway
  • AT-Gov in Austria
  • SI-UBL in Netherlands

Extended interoperability

PEPPOL is already part of OpusCapita Business Network Services. Our network is enhanced through interoperability agreements with over 50 service providers around the world.

Peppol BIS globally

  • EHF in Norway
  • AT-Gov in Austria
  • SI-UBL in Netherlands

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PEPPOL Network

Send and receive PEPPOL compliant e-invoices easily - with OpusCapita

If you are already using electronic invoicing, you will not need to change your current operating methods: as your service provider, we will be responsible for sending and receiving invoices which are PEPPOL compliant. 

Support for all formats and standards

Formats, standards and protocols should never be your headache. Require accessibility and let us take care of the rest.

Be prepared for the future

Joining the PEPPOL network is an easy way to be prepared for the future.

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PEPPOL Network
Benefits of sending e-invoices

One-stop-shop for eCatalogs and orders

OpusCapita takes care of the exact routing of the documents and handles the transactional messaging. In addition to enabling you to sell more, this saves time and effort spent on administering and exchanging data.

Public sector will demand PEPPOL-compliant eCatalogs

Legislation in many countries requires government agencies to accept only PEPPOL-compliant purchase-to-pay in 2018 and after. The first movers are Norway and Sweden, and more EU countries are likely to follow in the coming years. OpusCapita will support you with the pre- and post-award processes.

Create eCatalogs with OpusCapita Product Information Management Solution

With OpusCapita Product Information Management, you can easily define customer-specific PEPPOL-ready eCatalogs that can be exchanged with your trading partners via the OpusCapita Business Network.

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PEPPOL Network

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