OpusCapita O2C/P2P Messaging

Where moving from paper and PDF invoices to true structured e-invoices is a superb first step of digitalization, once you've got it in place, you'll soon come to realize there's much more to the "e" than just invoices. By digitalizing the end-to-end O2C (order-to-cash) and P2P (purchase-to-pay) processes from catalogs to orders and confirmation to the invoices, you will know exactly what and when has been ordered, delivered, received, and invoiced. It opens up immersive possibilities for high automation, taking your efficiency, accuracy and cost savings to a whole new level.

End-to-end digitalization also supports creating partnerships with your business partners within the supply chain, allowing you to focus purchasing into frame agreements and stopping often inefficient and expensive wild spend. This benefits both buyers and suppliers, as it reduces downtime, errors and overall costs, and allows you to always be open for business.

OpusCapita has supported companies transform the full O2C & P2P processes for decades, with deep know-how in various B2B industries such as wholesale & manufacturing. We can help you achieve it, too, and with our support, you'll be surprised at how little it takes from you.

Hassle-free end-to-end P2P/O2C process

Exchange orders and more 100% digitally, enabling automation to match invoices with lower costs and better quality.

Worry-free setup that supports your process

Have a trusted partner to set up a service that is a best fit for your business and meets all your legal and partner needs.

Real-time visibility to the exchange flow

Monitor all transactions in our best-of-breed track & trace to solve errors and to optimize inventory and delivery.

From order to delivery to invoicing

In the ordering process, the buyer typically sends a PO (purchase order) to a supplier. The PO specifies the goods or services to be delivered, using, for example, article numbers for identification. The order is simply set in the buyer's ERP, workflow system, or the like, and automatically delivered by the messaging service. Once the order is received, it's similarly transferred to the supplier's ERP, from where the supplier also sends back an order response, and after delivery, a despatch advice (also called delivery notification or shipping notification) to confirm the goods or services have been delivered. After receiving the delivery, the buyer may also send back a goods receipt (also called Receiving Advice Message), typically for buyer-internal delivery proof purposes towards the accounts payable.

This allows making the invoice process fully digital. The invoice can refer to POs, contracts or frame agreements, and specify line items (the goods and services) e.g. by article numbers. The invoice can, not only be sent and received as an e-invoice, but also matched and processed in full automation, removing the need for any manual work. This is true also in cases where the buyer rejects the invoice - an electronic credit note can be created within the same service. As a result, you can trust that all your transactions in the supply chain are always 100% correct.

Reliable message flow for all needs

To allow automatic PO matching and invoice processing, all message types must be interlinked throughout the O2C/P2P process. This can be done utilizing various formats depending on how the supplier and buyer choose to connect via OpusCapita's Business Network. Company identification is based on standards such as GLN, DUNS, VAT, or OVT.

Your company internal system, such as ERP, is fully integrated to the cloud-based messaging service. OpusCapita then transfers the messages to the target format and delivers them to the recipient. Also master data such as a supplier register or product codes can be used to add extra value.

The delivery can be done in a preferred electronic format. OpusCapita Business Network comes with great capabilities for different routings, typically done in a combination of direct integration (point-to-point integration) and an open network. Further, if preferred or in cases when there's no routing information, the delivery can be done by email.

format examples

We support different electronic message standards available on the market. For example:







The O2C Messaging service for suppliers allows you to keep the ownership of your documents while letting an experienced partner to handle the exchange and the related technical aspects of it.

All you need as a pre-requisite is a system that produces exchangeable business message data - typically, your ERP. The messaging service integrates to it to continuously validate, transform, and exchange document data for you.

The service receives orders from your buyers and delivers them into your ERP for you to act upon. Similarly, the service takes your order response, despatch advice and invoice data directly from your ERP, and delivers it according to how your buyer prefers to receive it. For this, the OpusCapita routing service automatically searches for the preferred channel and format, whether that be PEPPOL, OpusCapita Business Network, or a point-to-point connection to your buyer.

You will be able to meet any requirements set by the buyer process needs or legal compliancy. You don't have to worry about it - we'll handle it fully for you.

The P2P Messaging service for buyers ensures that whenever you have an invoice to pay, you also have a PO to match it with - better yet, in full automation. With our experienced handling of both the document exchange and the related technical aspects, you'll end up with less setups with quality cloud-based software, fully handled for you.

All you need as a pre-requisite is a system that produces exchangeable business message data - typically, your ERP, procurement system and/or invoice workflow system. The messaging service integrates to it to continuously validate, transform, and exchange document data for you.

The service creates and sends your orders to your suppliers based on your internal system data. To receive the order responses, despatch advices and invoices, we'll define the formats and channels according to your preferences, linking to your internal system in full compliancy to legal and internal process requirements.

Further, you can invite even your small suppliers to exchange documents electronically, ensuring your full digitalization. You'll be able to realize your frame agreements digitally, gaining full control of your internal buying processes and minimizing wild spend.

The messaging service handles the exchange through an interface to your ERP. This can be either a native inhouse interface or a standard-based EAI-application in between. The service uses standard data transfer protocols, such as SFTP, by your preference. In addition, the formats, routing, and other data transfer preferences such as transfer schedules are set to best suit your needs and ensure best possibilities for monitoring what was sent always reaches the recipient.

The splitting possibility also allows copying and sending a message to two recipient systems. For example, an order can be sent to both a warehouse and the accounting system. The splitting is done according to pre-defined rules, in which our professional team can be of great help for you.

All messages are validated according to the general requirements of each message type, ensuring your compliancy with legal and business requirements. Invalid messages are rejected and notified to the sender. Validation includes, e.g. checking that order, despatch advice and invoice numbers are unique, dates are reasonable, party information such as GLN is known, different document types match one another, and VAT requirements are met.

Do more with validation

Possibilities to go beyond mere compliancy:

Content validation
Validate data against specified business rules, e.g. invoice refers to PO

Buyer-specific business rules
Specify currency conversion rate or require reason for not charging VAT

Data enrichment
Add predefined information to selected data elements

Value mapping
Replace original product codes with customer-specific product codes

Visibility to the full process

O2C Messaging and P2P Messaging services are a part of our Business Network offering, which allows you to easily extend your digitalization by connecting all the supply chain documents to invoices of all formats. Further, you can enjoy fully digital matching with Invoice Process Automation, raising your invoice automation level up to 95%.

All the Business Network services come with the complementary, easy-to-use Business Network Portal. There, our best-in-breed track & trace and transparent reporting allow you to easily monitor, in real-time, all that's been exchanged from orders to invoices. It's not only great for solving error situations, but the visibility also allows you better inventory optimization enabling discounts and lowering your costs. It also helps precise deliveries, all adding to your overall customer satisfaction.

Getting started is fast and easy. OpusCapita has decades of experience in evaluating your specific needs and setting up a system that best serves your business. In the long run, we'll be your trusted partner to handle all your message flow for you, delivering all your orders, receipts and invoices always in the preferred channel and format, so that you can focus on the essential - your business.

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