OpusCapita Invoice Sending

The OpusCapita Invoice Sending service processes and delivers all your invoices as e-invoices in any format, PDFs in email, or paper - however you and your customers prefer it. The service guarantees compliancy and superb connectivity both locally and internationally.

Our cloud environment, constant invoice flow monitoring, and data validation ensure high automation, reliability and security. Your invoices get sent out immediately, significantly speeding up your billing process, shortening your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), and helping you collect your payments faster.

OpusCapita Invoice Sending

All your invoices sent in all formats & channels

Enjoy seamless & compliant invoice sending as e-invoices, PDFs or paper in the Northern & Central Europe.

Automatic e-transition without any daily effort

Benefit from automated channel management and gain more e-invoicing receivers, boosting digitalization.

Manual work replaced with digital reliability & speed

Automate your AR process, improving productivity, reducing errors and significantly speeding up your billing.

How Invoice Sending Works

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Automatic digitalization

With OpusCapita Invoice Sending, your invoicing data flows seamlessly from your ERP to billing, where all the needed data processing, routing, channeling, and archiving happen automatically, within seconds. The service always looks for the most electronic way to deliver your invoices to your customers: first, an e-invoice, then PDF in email, and as a final fallback, paper. These automatic channel decisions gradually result in e-transitioning your billing, without any extra effort needed from you.

Our system also handles customer-specific exceptions on the delivery method. For example, a given customer can be set to always receive their invoices by email.

Your data turned into invoices

OpusCapita Invoice Sending uses a fully automated data transfer of your account receivable data from your ERP or other billing system, to invoicing. The data transfer uses a direct connection, typically with an SFTP protocol, between your system and OpusCapita. The connection is simple to establish and maintain with our dedicated, simple portal tool.

We continuously monitor your invoice data flow, ensuring your data transfers smoothly and reliably without interruptions or breaks in your invoicing. In addition, we continuously validate your data according to the rules we agree on together. Standard format and business rules, such as checking for correct VAT information, we have readily made for you.

Should there be any errors found in your invoicing data, we notify you immediately by email or portal notification, allowing you to quickly make the needed fixes in your billing system.

Invoice sending data transfer and validation

Our service always first looks for a way to deliver your invoice as an e-invoice, for which we need to find an electronic address and identifier in the recipient data. Once found, the e-invoice is sent out in any needed electronic format.

As the receivers' e-capability is constantly checked for, you don't need to retain your customers' delivery preferences in your own system - we handle the channel management for you. Further, we constantly collect and update the recipient information from various sources, including national registers, public directories, and bilateral data exchange agreements with other service providers.

As soon as a recipient can receive in an electronic format, we start delivering to them as e-invoices - without any effort needed from you. Gradually more and more receivers register for e-invoicing, say PEPPOL. The more e-invoices get sent out, the less PDF and paper are produced, lowering your price per transaction and reducing your carbon footprint.

We support any electronic format:

 PEPPOL Billing BIS 3

 TEappsXML 3.0

Finvoice 3.0

EHF Billing BIS 3 (over PEPPOL)

Svefaktura 1.0

XRechnung 2.0

Plus any agreed format as B2B Integration via direct connection to other connected service providers.

If an e-invoice can't be sent, the system then looks for an email address, creates a PDF out of the invoice, and sends it in an email.

If you need an electronic seal, it's automatically created and added as the final page in the invoice PDF.

Typically, the PDFs are created with a standard visualization with a place for your company logo. The standard set also includes country-specific layouts for Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The same visualization is also used for printouts, should you need them. For that purpose, the standard layout has been designed also for easy digitization at the receiver's end.

If you want more of your company look&feel, it can be added to your service as a customized visualization.

OpusCapita invoice visualization samples

If the invoice can't be delivered as a B2B e-invoice nor email, it automatically turns to traditional delivery. This comes with three options.

If possible, the invoice is sent either to a digital postal service such as OmaPosti in Finland or Kivra in Sweden, or an internet bank of the customer. We actively participate in extending these digital services as one method to reduce paper-based invoicing.

Finally, if no other delivery method is found for the recipient, or if paper has been agreed on for a specific customer, the invoice is printed out and distributed as a paper invoice by a postal operator. Whenever possible, we use local printshops with domestic postage to bring down the costs.

Although the price per transaction is considerably lower with e-invoices compared to paper, our Invoice Sending service gives you a standard paper invoice price when you commit to our e-transitioning ideology: e-invoice first, email second, and paper only as the last resort. With this, the amount of your paper invoices gradually decreases, helping you easily reach better sustainability.

iPost and paper invoices

We continuously add future channels to support all delivery methods.

OpusCapita Business Network

Do more with Business Network

Invoice Sending is a part of our Business Network offering, which opens up your possibilities for more - you can easily extend your digitalization to O2C messaging to cover your full order-to-cash process.

All the Business Network services come with the complementary, easy-to-use Business Network Portal, where you can easily monitor all that's been exchanged and sent in real-time. The portal provides you with transparent track&trace and reporting to which you can allow access for anyone in your organization without extra cost.

Getting started with OpusCapita Invoice Sending or Business Network isn't too complicated, either - our service is fast & easy to integrate to with simple setup and conversion tools, and our professional services are always at your service.

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