OpusCapita Invoice Receiving

The OpusCapita Invoice Receiving service receives and processes all your invoices into your workflow system correctly and in time; whether they be sent to you as e-invoices, PDFs in email, or paper invoices. The service guarantees compliancy and superb connectivity both locally and internationally.

Our cloud environment, data validation and best-in-breed track & trace ensure fast lead times, high quality and ultimate visibility. To top that, we'll help you gain not only better efficiency and cost reduction in your accounts payable process, but also higher accuracy by boosting digitalization among your suppliers, as well. The result - you'll receive more and more invoices readily in an electronic format, which is what we call the e-transition.

One flow for all received invoices

Have e-invoices, PDFs and paper invoices processed into your workflow system fast and accurately, also with archiving.

Digitalization to e-invoices over paper & PDFs

Benefit from higher efficiency, accuracy and cost reductions by receiving as many invoices as possible as e-invoices.

Ultimate visibility & connectivity

Monitor, in real-time, with our best-in-breed track & trace, coupled with superb connectivity & full compliancy.

How Invoice Receiving Works

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Digitizing & digitalization

We not only validate your e-invoices and take care of their data transfer, but also take care of the pre-handling, digitizing and data extraction for all your paper invoices and PDF invoices in email. This means that regardless of the format in which you receive invoices, they're all always transformed to the one, agreed digital format in your workflow system.

At the same time, our e-transition ideology invites you to embrace the idea of going 100% digital. By receiving as many invoices as possible as e-invoices, you'll benefit from not only better efficiency, staff productivity and cost reduction but also higher accuracy. To boost this further, you'll be able to easily campaign for more of your suppliers to register for e-invoicing with our on-boarding tools, accelerating also your digitalization.

All your invoices into the same workflow

Be it e-invoices, PDFs or paper invoices that you receive, your business-critical financial data is extracted from all of them.

The data gets constantly delivered via SFTP to your invoice automation workflow system or similar, where you can then easily continue the processing as you have it in one, agreed digital format. In addition, each invoice is visualized as an electronic image, provided as a PDF.

Invoice Receiving comes with fast delivery times and excellent quality. Our service runs 24/7 every day. E-invoices being the fastest to process, we guarantee a 24h* lead time for PDFs (*ask for specification). Further, we ensure processing with high quality and delivery correctly, with a minimum promised correctness of 100% for e-invoices and up to 99,5% for PDFs.


You'll get all your invoice data in your workflow system in one of these formats:

PEPPOL BIS 5A Billing version 3.0

TEappsXML 3.0

Finvoice 3.0

EHF 3.0.x

Svefaktura BIS 5A 3.0

Any other format as customization

OpusCapita takes care of formatting, routing and handling of all e-invoices. We handle your invoices, interest invoices and credit notes, with support for most attachments. If an e-invoice doesn't contain an image, our service automatically creates a visualization for it.

We offer extensive ways to receive your e-invoices, ensuring your capability to receive in electronic format from any sender. PEPPOL and the OpusCapita Interoperability network are based on the 4-corner model, ensuring compliancy and connectivity even internationally.

Routing uses the e-invoice addressing information within each invoice. As a default, we support the standard organization identifiers: PEPPOL, GLN (Global Location Number by GS1), DUNS (by Duns & Bradstreet), VAT number, ISO6523 ID (or OVT number). Others can be added as customizations.

Our service desk monitors messages 24/7 to ensure that all messages are handled correctly.

How you can receive e-invoices:

5 main electronic data exchange capabilities:

 PEPPOL: Compliancy and connectivity in PEPPOL countries

OpusCapita Interoperability Network: Interoperability with other service providers

OpusCapita Customer Network: Easy exchange between OpusCapita customers

Direct connections: Customized 1-to-1 connections

Invoice Key-In in Business Network Portal: For suppliers without a billing system or integration

You can receive invoices as email attachments either as structured PDFs or traditional PDFs.

The service includes buyer validation based on the email address, spam filtering and error reporting to the sender. If preferred, it is also possible for you to receive the error reports, have the email content added to the invoice, and get the orginal PDF file delivered with the extracted data.

For structured PDFs, the invoice data is extracted from the structured data layer. This allows processing with higher automation than with the traditional PDFs, resulting in higher accuracy.

The traditional PDFs are digitized with built-in OCR recognition and interpretation from the invoice image similarly to scanned paper invoices. The service reliably captures header and footer data as well as line item data as configured to suit your needs.

Our system also takes care of verification for all the captured data to ensure correctness before passing the data on to your workflow system.

While the world is rapidly changing more and more to a digital one, you may still need to receive some of your invoices as paper letters. With OpusCapita Invoice Receiving, you can easily combine them, as well, into the same format and flow in your workflow system.

Your paper invoices are sent to your PO box at a scanning site, where the letters are opened and the invoices scanned with high-capacity scanners to a digital format. This results in a similar situation than with traditional PDF invoices, that is, an image PDF.

The scanned invoices are then digitized with built-in OCR recognition and interpretation from the invoice image. The service reliably captures header and footer data as well as line item data as configured to suit your needs. Also the data verification is done similarly to traditional PDF invoices.

After digitizing, the envelopes are re-cycled, and the paper invoices are stored at the scanning site for short-term, followed by long-term archiving established according to your needs.

OpusCapita Business Network

Best-in-breed track & trace

Invoice Receiving is a part of our Business Network offering, which allows you to maximize your automation levels. You can easily extend your digitalization by connecting to P2P messaging, purchase order matching and Invoice Process Automation, e-transitioning your invoice handling towards 100% digital.

All the Business Network services come with the complementary, easy-to-use Business Network Portal, where you can easily monitor, in real-time, all that's been received, processed, paid, or rejected, with our best-in-breed, transparent track & trace and reporting for ultimate visibility.

Getting started with OpusCapita Invoice Receiving or Business Network isn't too complicated, either - our service is fast & easy to integrate to with simple setup and conversion tools, and our professional services are always at your service.

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